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Monday, June 06, 2005

The Eighteenth of a Dozen Verses

Photo taken on Sunday, May 29, on Island Park, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada: Finding literary inspiration Posted by Hello

Still dipped in Japanese poetry, I've for this series woven poems in Tan-renga form (short renga)—Japanese collaborative poetry which may follow a metrical pattern of 5-7-5-7-7–5-7-5—the first part of which, the "declaratory verse," is a tanka (5-7-5-7-7); and the second part, the "responsorial verse," a haiku (5-7-5).

All the renga below follow the rhyme pattern a, a, b, b, c, c, d, e.

May 26, Thursday

I love you now more
Than I did love you before.
D'you still remember
The times we were together?
I know you do—I know you.
....."Yes, of course, I do!
.....My love for you will ne'er change;
.....That, no matter what."

May 27, Friday
Are We Not Only Dreaming?

I shed tears just now.
Your reply made me feel wow!
Our love's unwav'ring—
Are we not only dreaming?
D'you wish to see me someday?
....." ' can hardly wait, fey,
.....It's burning for you—my heart.
.....Let's dream for a while."

May 28, Saturday
In Constant Motion

I sleep with a pen;
I no longer know since when.
I write what I feel.
Life is really like a wheel
In constant revolution.
....."Set me in motion;
.....'tween your palm and the paper,
.....I'll slide gracefully."

May 29, Sunday
Perhaps the Change Of

I shed tears last night;
Hardly slept because of fright.
' don't know the reasons—
Perhaps the change of seasons.
I can't remember my dreams.
....."You're so tired it seems.
.....I can see it in your eyes...
.....See it in your smile."

May 30, Monday
Set Your Eyes On

You are my pillow.
You're soft as a marshmallow.
Soothing like a pray'r,
You lift me ever higher.
If only I have real wings...
....."Your fuchsia girl sings:
.....b., can't take my mind off you;
.....Set your eyes on me."

May 31, Tuesday
In Utter Bliss

Oh, I yearn to be
With you again, honeybee.
Your lips ' want to kiss;
Embrace you in utter bliss.
Do you yearn for me as well?
....."For you, Love, I fell.
.....Each moment, my body aches,
.....Longing for your touch."

June 1, Wednesday
In Moments Like

Beside Crescent Lake,
Verses, in my mind, I make.
Enchanting windmill!
So strong and keen is my will;
While my heart and conscience, clear.
....."Think of me, my dear.
.....When you're in moments like that.
.....Long for you I do."

June 2, Thursday
I Choose What I Know Is

I think like a mage.
I no longer hide my age.
I know who I am;
I'm sure what to me is gem.
I choose what I know is good.
....."' 'bout our past I brood;
.....Though we're living sep'rate lives.
.....I still feel the same."

June 3, Friday
The Gales Are Whispering

Portage la Prairie...
Oh, I feel like a fairy!
Trees 'round Crescent Lake...
Verses poets like me make.
The nether gales are whisp'ring,
....."Don't stop from weaving
.....Poems, stories, songs, and mem'ries.
.....That's your vocation."

June 4, Saturday
Not All with Wings Are

Oh, gossips have wings!
I stand by what my heart sings;
My conscience is clear,
So I have nothing to fear;
Although sometimes I feel scared.
....."Soar! but be prepared.
.....Naked truth is an ally,
.....Jagged they may be."

June 5, Sunday
We Will Haunt You Till

Is this a nightmare?
Why, they make me feel so bare.
Misinterpret me?
Oh why, are they so ugly?
Has Honesty really died?
....."You can never hide!
.....We will haunt you 'til you die.
.....You owe us your life!"

June 6, Monday
Suck My Lifeblood Oh

Thief, don't make me bleed.
Suck my lifeblood—oh such greed!
You can plagiarize,
But you can't immortalize.
You burn with your dignity.
....."Rob your vanity
.....I will, without second thoughts!
.....I'm a bloodsucker!"

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