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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Seventh of a Dozen Verses

January 14, Friday
Why does it have to be me?
I would no longer delve on that question
I'll just get on with my task
To free my family from bondage

Why does it have to be me?
I would no longer try to figure it out
I'll just endure such hurtful words and finish
This obligation that fell on my shoulders

Why does it have to be me?
I would no longer ask them
I'll just think of my loved ones who
Truly love and know me

Why does it have to be me?
Oh, may I soon live my life on my own accord
Away from those who to reason cannot afford

January 15, Saturday
Every passing moment narrows the gap between far and near
But my head continues to throb in uncertainty and fear
The bliss I'm hoping for is radiating yet still unclear
Lights flicker in the same fashion a firefly would shed a tear

The song of the crickets is fading in the rain
As if the Doppler effect of a leaving train

Colder than the coldest Winter home my heart is
When all is fin'lly over I'll remember this

I yearn to return; it will surely be a wham
Home sweet home—warmer than the warmest welcome hum

January 16, Sunday
Midnight was bright, amber were the streetlights; I stared at the snow on the ground and at the stars in the sky
In a flash of hallucinatory flight—or was it a split-second moment of near-slip to regressive lunacy?—I felt I could levitate and fly

Pale and plaintive, inattentive and uncommunicative; I'm preoccupied with my pathetic plight
Weak, sullen, and numb; my brain is spiraling, my senses whining on this Winter silent night

January 17, Monday
His hurtful words uttered lucidly
My respect and affection they had dented

His disloyalty and defection
Had earned my distrust and resentment

January 18, Tuesday
To them a box is just a box
To me it is a container of various wonderful things

To them a ball is a round object
But what about a rugby football?

To them the igloo is the Eskimos' home
To me it is the symbol of the Inuit's resilience and adaptability

To them the Philippines is a land of banana plants and coconut trees
To me my homeland is an epitome of a developing country

To them an alphabet is just a set of letters
To me it is the cradle of most societies

To them a song is just the voice and the melody
To me it is a symphony of various harmonies

To them a home is but a house
To me a house is not a home if devoid of respect and love

January 19, Wednesday
Languages are indeed the transmitters of cultures
While writing systems and scripts their loyal preservers

I will continue to transmit the cultures I've been learning
Persevere in preserving them through writing and by sharing

January 20, Thursday
The branches of the trees were waving at me, as if they were hands
A hundred fingers glistening, pointing me to unknown and mysterious lands
Reflected on my eyes, as lucid as those of the clearest and quietest ponds

My eyes are droopy
My hands wobbly
Words no longer rhyme
Don't tell me 'tis sublime

Slumber is calling
The water is splashing

Blinded by darkness
Deafened by silence
Blanded by numbness
Anesthetized by the sameness
Of everything and nothing

January 21, Friday
The day I left my dear Motherland
I thought I'd fin'lly earned my freedom
"I'm free, at last!" That's what I said
From poverty my hands unbound

But stepping on a foreign land
'Twas exile; or was it martyrdom?
Fearful; my sense of freedom fled
Uncertainty was what I found

To wonderland I though I'd escaped
Instead, my pride and rights were raped

Can I still rise after this agony
With my rights regained and an intact pride?

My heart is bruised and my spirit tired
May I survive for my matrimony

January 22, Saturday
The earth is where I stand on
The sky is where I stare at
The birds' song is what I listen to
The fishes' patience is what I believe in

My thoughts are what I make love with
My dreams are what 'tis all about
My heart is where I'm keeping you
To home is where I'm coming back

The future is what I'm living for

January 23, Sunday
Greet me and I'd quiver
Kiss me and I'd shiver
Leave me, oh please, never
Stay with me forever

Hug me and I'd tremble
Caress me and I'd stumble
Words I could only mumble
Thoughts in my brain they jumble
Yet my heart is as always humble

January 24, Monday
At lumípas na namán ang panibágong kaarawán
Dagdàg na namán sa mga áraw na pinaháhalagahán
Subálit karaníwan pa rin ang áking pinagkákaabalahán
Di bale, may mga pláno't pangárap namán akóng pinagháhandaan

Salámat namán at kahìt sa símpleng handáan
Áking kaarawán sa áki'y nagdúlot ng kasiyáhan
Subálit kundì sa mga pagbáting nagdàgsáan
Hindi sána sapát ang tinamásang kaligayáhan

January 25, Tuesday
Muli na naman akong mangangarap
Sa k'waderno'y sisipi ng panibagong mga karanasan
Daragdagan ang mga alaala't nakaraan
Tatahak ng panibagong mga daan
Sandata'y pluma at tibay ng isipa't kalooban

Kaagapaý mga mahal sa buhay at kaibigan


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