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Sunday, January 16, 2005

The Sixth of a Dozen Verses

January 2, Sunday
Hinalughóg ko ang baúl ko ng alaála
Isa-isáng hinalungkát, naitabíng mga pangárap
Malumánay na pinagpág, nangágsikápit na alikabók
Ibáyong íngat, baká sa rupók untí-untíng matúpok
Natuyóng mga dáhon, púgad ng báwat pangungúsap
May panibágong siglá, dúlot ay pag-ása
Bahagyáng ginigísing, nakatúlog nang mga gunitá
Pinipílit buháyin, tilà namatáy nang panatà
Nagbabakasakáling makalikhâ ng bágong kabanatà
Dagdág na páhinà sa kódikó ng áking bayógrapíya
Umaásang hindi pá ubós ang tinátamasang biyayà
Ah, malínaw pa namán ang súlat ng áking plúma
Dumádaloy pa sa áking dugô ang áking pagkámakatà
Íhip, pagpàg, hágod, sulyàp, tanáw, lipád, lakbày—diwà

January 3, Monday
Between each pair of blue lines is white space
Which can give birth to a thousand touching things
Depending on the glide on it of the writer's quill

Between a pair of eyes is the memory nest
Which can nurture a million magical memories
Depending on the potency of the writer's mind

January 4, Tuesday
New days, oh here they come
I'm ready to delight on some

New obstacles are sure to arrive
With rekindled spirit I am alive

January 5, Wednesday
Chilly nights don't scare me anymore
Solitary nights don't kill me anymore

Every day my patience stretches its limit
Every moment my love strengthens, oh feel it!

January 6, Thursday
Another Winter has just arrived
Reminds me of those for whom I yearned
My childhood awe about snow has returned

Gloom and woe I left behind
Bloom and glow permeate my mind
Summer indeed is in my heart alive

January 7, Friday
The whiteness conjures serenity
The serenity gives birth to peace
Peace enfolds my spirit
My spirit is in contemplation
Contemplation illuminates my mind
My mind wanders
Wanders off from where I am
I am flying!
Flying silently to where you are
You are dreaming!
Dreaming deeply in your bed
Your bed is soft and warm
Warm and soft as your body immaculate
Immaculate, conceive what I have in my heart
In my heart you move to wake me up
Up beyond so we could return
Return to where slumber starts
Starts to dream our spirits as one

January 8, Saturday
Ñebe ang táwag sa ákin
Nginíg at gináw ang priméro kong háin
Bugá ng putî ang áking ngitî
Lamíg at lumbáy ang áking batì

January 9, Sunday
Sentences in my brain derailing
Woes and headaches so much pain giving
When will disappointments ever wane?
Until when will people like them reign?
Hopelessness, don't drown me yet again!

January 10, Monday
A hundred glyphs and scripts are lucid in my mind
Time to decode them will I ever find?
Fossilized memories refurbishing their worth
From despair to hope I'm bouncing back and forth

January 11, Tuesday
How the follies of others compel me to be better
How their anger makes me more controlled and sober

Their indifference intensifies my compassion
And their blindness stirs my sense of direction

January 12, Wednesday
Which is easier to cure: the sickness of the mind or the illness of the heart?
Which is milder to bear: physical pain or emotional strain?
Whom is harder to forgive: a friend who betrayed your trust or a relation who ripped your heart?
What could be sweeter than true love?

January 13, Thursday
Journeyed farther than my age could have allowed me
Been to seas, to mountains; flown the skies in slumber
Sung songs which I could have never heard of
Told tales and lore which could have been lost and forgotten
Loved and cried; loved and cried again
Failed and fell; wallowed in sorrow and pain
But I am brave, I had to rise again

Visions of grandeur forming in my heart, so lucid
Nothing could blind me—not even the arrows of Cupid
No one could trick me—not even Loki
Even to my deities from time to time I do not answer
That's how proud I am in times pride and strife wouldn't falter


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