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Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Thirteenth of a Dozen Verses

Photo taken on Easter Sunday, March 27, 2005, in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada: Hiding some easter eggs in the backyard which the children hunted afterwards Posted by Hello

March 27, Sunday

Your fits of rage are not amusing.
Why can't you know they are disgusting?

Oh well, at least, I'm learning something
Despite my heart that's always burning

With resentment and hatred, hurting
Deep inside; I am always crying.

Oh how I wish I'm home, egg hunting—
My lovely home I'm always missing.

Your fits of rage are condescending.
My self-esteem I'm slowly losing.

Though I know now there's no returning,
I'll never stop myself from dreaming.

March 28, Monday

It's hard, it's sad to feel alone and homeless.
My Bard, my god, I feel pathetic'lly hopeless.

My lovely home I terribly miss—
Where I could do whatever I please.

Oh, my love, I yearn for your french kiss!
When can we really touch, play, and tease?

Don't tell me my complaints are pointless,
For they steer my mind from madness.

To feel alone and homeless is hard and sad.
I feel pathetic'lly hopeless, my Bard, my god.

I terribly miss my lovely home.
I'm yearning for where I used to roam.

March 29, Tuesday

I'm sad but I'm happy.
I'm hopeful but hopeless.

Not alone but lonely,
I'm home but I'm homeless.

I am brave but fearful,
Courageous but doubtful.

March 30, Wednesday

The lawn has been mowed.
'Spring water has flowed.

To where have the birds flown?
'Til when will my heart moan?

As I lie here and wait,
I give my life to Fate.

March 31, Thursday

The Heaven is drizzling;
The streets and roads are wet.

My stomach is grumbling;
Kebab I can't forget.

I'm wishing to visit
Any Chinese province,

Meet a bardic hermit,
Sing along with robins.

I'm smitten by kanshi,
As well as by Zhōngwén.

The art in poetry
Is great to learn somewhen.

April 1, Friday

Peeking at the backyard through the blinds,
My sight's lucid, senses swift as winds.

My mind is restless, the times are tough;
Solace I find in watching the bough.

Whatever happens my dreams shall live;
More important is, I am alive!

April 2, Saturday

I have not been this unhappy—
——not alone but lonely, uncertain, penniless.

I have not been this unhappy—
——reduced to a beggar, a prisoner, a mute.

I have not been this unhappy—
——so full of frustration, so full of resentment.

I have not been this unhappy—
——always uncomfortable, angry, and fearful.

I have not been this unhappy—
——stripped of my own life and the power to decide.

I have not been this unhappy—
——seemingly incarcerated, chained and shackled.

April 3, Sunday

Steady rain on April's first Sunday's
Pouring forth—teardrops of the sky,

Mourning for the death of the Pope—
A man came in the name of God;

A good man came and went.
The noblest thing the man had shown

Was how to die in peace and with grace.
The noble legacies he did leave

Are hard for another to conceive.
The Pope has died, the Pope is gone;

But his dreams remain, his life fulfilled;
As steady rain is pouring forth—

April 4, Monday

Music documents, chronologizes,
And preserves memories.

Life and love without it
Are memories bereft of melodies.

Though it sings of tragedies,
It cure emotional maladies.

April 5, Tuesday

Pesky li'l black ants start to swarm the house,
[At last! Summer is looming]

So Mike puts pesticide around the house.
Alas! The ants are dying.

I miss the li'l black ants swarming the house.
When will they be returning?

April 6, Wednesday

Cackle here, cackle there,
The crows are everywhere.

Sun is bright, Sun is warm,
Oh, I can feel his charm.

'Sneaking in, 'sneaking out,
Squirrels hop about.

The whir of lawnmowers I can hear,
The scent of grasses I smell, oh dear!

Flowers blossom, leaves glisten;
I better hum and listen.

The clouds are so marshmallow white;
I wish, it means my future's bright.

April 7, Thursday

In her journal she once wrote:
"He has many choices, and he did not choose me."

It stabbed her heart so deeply:
"Oh how he sang to me but with a broken note!"

"Years have passed, gone was his past;
To me, my friend the Wind brought him back."

"Like a feather blown by luck,
He gracefully fell on my waiting palms at last!"

"Oh how my tender mouth aches
For at least one soft sweet kiss from his lips."

"I fly to him as he sleeps,
So I can be with him as he awakes."

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  • At Sunday, April 10, 2005 2:52:00 AM, Anonymous Leila said…

    I never knew it was possible for an elf to take mortals to the depths of his thoughts written, not just on paper, but also on cyberspace.

  • At Sunday, April 10, 2005 12:01:00 PM, Blogger pinky said…

    you should submit some entries sa Palanca awards. Deadline na sa April 30. :)

  • At Sunday, April 10, 2005 1:15:00 PM, Blogger eLf ideas said…

    Dear Leila,
    Always my pleasure and honor to be able to invite friends like you into the depth, or even shallowness, of my own microcosm.

    As I always say, I get inspiration from people's words of appreciation.

    After all, we express what we think and feel, more because we want others to hear us than because we want to please ourselves.

  • At Sunday, April 10, 2005 1:16:00 PM, Blogger eLf ideas said…

    Dear Rona,
    Pass muna ako sa Palanca this year. Ang mahal ng gastos e, with me being here. He-he-he.

    I joined an entry last year, although I didn't win.

    Kung nandyan sana ako, madali lang; all I need to do is have the entries notarized and then handcarry it to Palanca office in Makati. Last year, what I did was, had the entries notarized at the Philippine Embassy here (C$35) and then sent the documents via registered mail, C$90. Kasi mabigat, you're required to send 3 sets of photocopies for the judges.

    Di bale, I'll try sending an entry next year.

  • At Sunday, April 10, 2005 7:16:00 PM, Blogger ~yellow~ said…

    is that hugh jackman over there? or am i blinded with too much ... ehehe! how many eggs did you find?


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