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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Tenth of a Dozen Verses

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Haikus by a Failed Alchemist

February 19, Saturday
My will—it is strong
But not uncompromising;
I sometimes give in.

February 20, Sunday
Forever flowing
Slowly and silently,
My thoughts—poetry!

February 21, Monday
Freely moving and
Diffusing towards others—
My thoughts to their thoughts.

February 22, Tuesday
My luscious Demure,
You are electrifying!
Love me in a void.

Haikus by a Former Editor

February 23, Wednesday
My ink is dark'ning,
Blotting me in oblivion.
Help me, I'm sinking.

February 24, Thursday
Changes? Disregard.
Retain the original;
The former's better.

February 25, Friday
In case I have said
Hurtful words, unwarranted;
Just edit them out.

February 26, Saturday
You can no longer
Change what was written in there.
It's final, I said!

Sonnets: On Self-Doubt and Despair

February 27, Sunday
*By the Fireplace*
Contemplatively I sit here by the fireplace;
Weaving thoughts, inditing them; counting passing days,
List'ning repeatedly to "Six Different Ways";
While all I can see among the flames is your face.

The silent crackling of the embers is music.
Yearning for your embrace and kiss—this makes me sick.
But, because you are there, I am no longer weak;
The love we twice lost but found again—'tis magic!

Is this a test for someone undaunted like me?
Am I really gifted with such sublimity?
Or am I just fooling myself—self-trickery?

Thin is the wall between wits and insanity.

February 28, Monday
*In My Nest*
Nightly I'm in my nest;
Trying to write my best;
But, oh, I need a rest.
It seems I'm on a test.

Exhaustion has fin'lly
Taken its toll on me;
Add to that—agony,
Boredom, and misery.

Where art thou, Calliope?
Reinvigorate me—
Me and my poetry.

I am squeezing my brain.
I'm feeling so much pain.
No ideas remain.

Dalawáng Sonéto: Sa Áking Panlulumô

March 1, Tuesday
Tuldók at kuwít ang áking kahilíngan,
Subálit panáy mga tandáng pananóng
Ang sa 'king isípa'y nagsisipag-usbóng—
Kabuténg sumúsulpot kung saan-saán.

Mínsan namán akó ay ginúgulantáng
Ng nanggagalaíting tandáng padamdám
Na hindi ko namán kinakailángan;
Lálo't ang náis ko'y katahimíkan.

Kaylán ba 'ko magkákaro'n ng gulóng?
Lagì na lang akóng nása panaklóng;
Pára tulóy akóng hilóng talilóng.

O Walo'r, patrón ng literatúra,
Di ko alám, sagót sa mga patlang;
Lálo't wala na 'kong mapagpilían.

March 2, Wednesday
Pigang-pigâ na ang útak ko.
Kung akó ay niyóg, malamáng ay
Tuyut na tuyót na akó.
Saíd na yatà ang katás ko.
Kumíkirót na ang báwat himaymáy.
Damdámin ko'y pára nang kinalansáy.

Malápit na masaíd ang pasénsya ko.
Matagál pa ba ang pagsúbok na itó?
Pára akóng nása pagítan ng nag-uumpúgang bató—
Káhit saán bumáling, baság ang bungô.

Hindi namán maaáring tumakbó,
Dáhil akó rin ang lálabás na tálo.
Di tulóy mapigílan ang luha't sipón sa pagtulò.
Díto pakiramdám ko, sa áki'y waláng handáng sumaló.


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