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Friday, February 18, 2005

The Ninth of a Dozen Verses

... Photo taken on Friday, February 18, 2005, in the living room

Sonnets for Rain
February 7, Monday
Your brilliant words were magical;
They always lit my mind.
Your simplest thoughts, sublime, divine;
They’d borne my spirits high.
In mirth or pain, in loss or gain,
Your songs poured forth like rain.
Not once before when we were young,
I found myself in drought;
You always poured like real rain,
’nriching me in delight.
And now from you I’m far away,
My friend, I miss you so.
Friendship built on brotherly love
Till old age may it last.

February 8, Tuesday
When you were Sun while I was Moon,
To us it mattered not.
The light you cast upon my path
Has never made me blind;
For you possess a noble soul,
Which Pride can never touch.
The words like rays your pen did shine
Illuminated mine.
The songs you made, the hopes you gave
Are always in my heart.
When ’twas my turn to be the sun,
As Moon you did your part.
Whoever’s Sun or Moon, I know,
To us it matters not.

So many bards did sing of stars,
Whose beauty they could see.
The chords you strummed on your guitar
Had always brought me glee.
The words I wove, the tunes you plucked—
They blended—harmony!
Among the stars our songs retired;
They twinkle when I’m sad.
I know, stars, in reality,
Are but a burning gas.
Despite that, you remain to be
The brightest I can see.
A star—that’s what you’ll always be,
Forever ’nspiring me!

February 10, Thursday

In various hues you came to me
In times when I was blue.
December then, remember when—
Oh, what a rendezvous!
I awed you with my Cure attire;
In turn, you stunned me, too:
Your licks and tricks on your guitar—
The start of something New
Wave. Music has made us brothers,
Set us on a journey,
Which changed our lives forever more.
How colorful it was!
Among the many friends I have…
The rainbow smiled at you.

Ápat na Sonéta pára sa Áking Diwatà
February 11, Friday
Báwat matyág
Ikáw ang anínag.
Báwat galáw
Ikáw ang aníno.
Báwat kapâ
Ikáw ang kurbáda.
Báwat hágod
Ikáw ang himaymáy.
Múkha mo,
Náis masdán.
Lábi mo,
Náis hagkán.
Bibíg mo,
Náis tikmán.

February 12, Saturday
Ang puso ko.
Pag-íbig ko.
Laráwan mo.
Damdámin ko.
Kalínga mo.
Tulóg na 'ko.
Nánd'yan na 'ko.

February 13, Sunday
Kahit na maláyo
Sa isa't isá—táyo—
Mágkalapít namán,
Ákin at iyóng pusò.
Tuwíng náis kitáng
Mariníg o mákita,
Ákin lang ipípi-
Kít itóng mga matá.
Ánimo ay hibáng,
Dantáy mo'y pumápasò;
Sa áking kalamnán,
Maráhang gumagápang.
Ínit ng kalúban mo—
Kanlúngan ng pulandít ko.

February 14, Monday
Lubós ang áking
Iyóng saríli
Ay iniálay.
Sa ákin lámang
Ka nagtiwalà.
Walóng taón mo
Akóng hinintáy.
Pagmamahál mo'y
Di nabawásan.
Bagkús pa nga ay
Pagtatalík na
Lámang ang kúlang.

Haikus by a Floraphile
February 15, Tuesday
Hymnal as haiku—
Tiny trees on pygmy pots
—Li'l leafs, my pet plants.

February 16, Wednesday
Prick me not, I said,
You always fascinate me.
"Touch me not, therefore!"

February 17, Thursday
How tall and proud yet
Humble, for you bend and bow—
Pride, Humility!

February 18, Friday
Beautiful than rose—
That is how you are to me;
Every time you're pink.


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