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Sunday, November 28, 2004

The Second of a Dozen Verses

November 15, Monday
Winter is looming
Colder days are here
On nights, my mind is clear
My heart is beating
Hope, my ally
Despair, my foe

Humanity, my goal
Love, my light

Music, my companion
Pen, my mind
Verses, my heart

November 16, Tuesday
La-la-la-la love me
That's all I want
La-la-la-la love me
That's all I need
La-la-la-la love me
That's all I ask of you
La-la-la-la love me
Before, now, and forever

La-la-la-la love you
That's all I do
La-la-la-la love you
Hon, it's true

November 17, Wednesday
When the weather is cold
I think of you
When my blanket is not enough
I think of you
When the waiting makes me impatient
I think of you

Thinking of you
Gives me warmth
Thoughts of you
Give me love

November 18, Thursday
Because of resentment
My mind is red
Because of sadness
My heart is blue
Because of solitariness
My sight is black

and then...

Because of you
My mind turned purple
My heart turned red

and then...

Hearing your voice
My cheeks turn pink
Knowing you're there
The light becomes silver
My future becomes gold

November 19, Friday
Your voice is New Wave
Your face is Christmas
Your love is Life
Your words explode
And you're my abode

November 20, Saturday
Too many ideas, I fumble for words with which to express them
Too many words from my lips racing to escape, I stammer
Too potent the emotion when speaking such words, I stutter
But in spite of all these, the you and me will always glitter

November 21, Sunday
Tpaulus, hope for the.
Apope, eternal sunshine of.

Flowers, a spotless mind.

The choice. The promise.
Og life. oD steel.

Forever and ever.

November 22, Monday
I'm glad we're not alone
In this kind of love
Life is kind after all
For showing us the light
Now I'm a better person
Able to rise from human nature
Now I'm a rekindled spirit
Able to emerge from darkness

You are my light
You are my shining light
You are my guiding light

You are the light
At the end of my tunnel

November 23, Tuesday
My feet are cold
My lips are warm
My mind is restless
My heart is contented

My faith is indomitable
My promise is true
My intentions are pure
My love is noble

My views are multiperspective
My heart is unidirectional

My beliefs are diverse
My ideas are well versed

My compassion is universal
My goodness is unconditional

I may be complicated
But in love I'm simplified

November 24, Wednesday
When days are cold
I long for your warmth

When nights are solitary
I long for your company

When moments are saddening
I long for your smile

When I think of you
I yearn for home

November 25, Thursday
Train of thoughts railing in my mind, vivid, visions of you, sings of you-->
og yam uoy reverehw em ekat ,eciov ruoy ,neris eht ,ecaf ruoy<--
-->I will go. I will come with you.

November 26, Friday
Staring at the rain
I need a little bit of pain
O Autumn, don't let me fall
Spare me some leafs; heed my call
The water splashes
The wind lashes
In silence, you hush me
Blushing, I love you


  • At Monday, November 29, 2004 7:26:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hi hon! having a quiet morning here in the ofc. ang ginaw! may bagyo na naman daw padating eh.

    enjoyed reading your second batch of lovely verses, espcially this one >>>

    Your voice is New Wave
    Your face is Christmas
    Your love is Life
    Your words explode
    And you're my abode

    love you, aLf!




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