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Sunday, August 20, 2006

haLf man haLf eLf strikes again

August 17, 2006

Today's the birthday of my sister Karen. My wish for her is that her and her son Algae's immigration to the US may finally push through next year. My nephew Algae is already eleven, and assimilating American Culture is riper for his age.


After my work shift at A&W Restaurant, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., I called the office of my other job to ask if there was an available evening shift at Riverview Health Centre. I was in the mood to work all day. Unfortunately, my call was too late. Naiasha the scheduler told me that she left a message at home, informing me to return call to confirm if I could work in the afternoon. And when it was already past 12 and I was not yet returning her call, she had to find another healthcare aide. I went to the office instead to get my first pay cheque.

As soon as I got my first salary as a healthcare aide, my weariness from work suddenly disappeared. I couldn't believe that I earned that much, to think that I worked only for a total of 55 hours. I immediately mentally calculated 55 hours x 12 dollars per hour.

Finally I was able to buy a new knapsack, to replace my old one, the one I was using since I arrived here in Canada in 2003. Goodbye finally, my torn and tattered blue backpack. Hello, my brand new pink one!

Passing by a comics and toys hobby shop in downtown, I checked out some action figures on sale. After less than an hour, I left the store with 3 DC superhero action figures for only $5 each--Elongated Man, Black Hand, and Max Mercury.

Friday, August 18, I didn't have work. I got to rest the whole morning. After lunch, I went to the bank and deposited my first pay cheque. I proceeded to Polo Park Shopping Centre and met my friend Jason, who accompanied me to Mother's Music Store, where I rented the keyboard that I would be using for my band's practices in preparation for our concert on August 26, as a front act for Siakol.

I said in a previous blog entry that I wouldn't be accepting a healthcare job on the weekends; but when the agency called me and asked me to take a morning shift, I felt that I would be wasting money. I worked after all--both yesterday and today (Saturday and Sunday). I was assigned at Riverview Health Centre, on Morley Avenue, in Osborne Village. I like working at that facility, which was clean and more well-organized compared with the other health centers I'm also working at. Another great thing about Riverview is that Internet use is free during break times.

Last night, my band haLf man haLf eLf had our first practice in preparation for the Siakol gig on August 26. We'd be playing a 30-minute set, consisting of six songs: "I Melt with You" (Modern English), "Just like Heaven" (The Cure), "More to Lose" (Seona Dancing), "Enjoy the Silence" (Depeche Mode), "For Her Brilliance" (original), and "High School (Life)" (the version of my former band Half Life Half Death). The current lineup of haLf man haLf eLf are me (vocals and keyboards), Dirty Roy (guitars and backing vocals), Abet (bass), and Ten-ten (drums). All I wish is for us to deliver a tight set.

Today, Sunday, I worked a day shift (7:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.) at Riverview Health Centre. Aboard a bus on my way home, heavy rain poured without a warning. Fortunately, there's a covered waiting shed by the Manila/Jefferson bus stop at which I was alighting. I was stuck there for about thirty minutes. I waited until I was sure that the rain had really stopped.

Siakol members will arrive later, coming from the Montreal, Quebec, leg of their Canadian tour. My friend Jason Paredes is the producer of the concert. I'll be joining him in picking up Siakol at the airport. Their plane will arrive at 10 p.m. We'll proceed to the house of Roy, who will give Siakol a welcome barbecue get-together.

Tomorrow morning, around 7:30 a.m., Siakol including my band haLf man haLf eLf and the rest of the bands opening for the August 26 gig (FourSight, Resurrection, and Toronto's AB Noize) will be guesting at CKJS, a Filipino radio station based here in Winnipeg.


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