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Thursday, August 10, 2006

a dozen and a haLf songs

in repeat mode today:
1 000 Violins - "If Only Words"
16 Tambourines - "When Lovers Walk"
Acid House Kings - "Song of the Colour Red"
Adorable - "Glorious"
Barenaked Ladies - "You Will Be Waiting"
The Bluebells - "Wishful Thinking (Will She Always Be Waiting)"
Blur - "The Universal"
The Boo Radleys - "Find the Answer Within"
The Dambuilders - "Candy/Guts"
The Desert Wolves - "Love Scattered Lives"
The Long Winters - "Hindsight"
Maritime - "We Don't Think, We Know"
Phoenix - "Consolation Prizes"
Roddy Woodle - "Under My Breath"
The Sleepy Jackson - "I Understand What You Want but I Just Don't Agree"
That Petrol Emotion - "Under the Sky"
The Wake - "Talk about the Past"
Youth Group - "Sorry"

"As we walk together through the autumn, nearing winter
Through the dying leaves and trees we call our home and native land..."


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