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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Recent Picventures in Manitoba, 2006


July 21, waiting for a bus on Keewatin Street, on my way to downtown, to the healthcare agency that hired me as a healthcare aide, to submit some requirements

July 21, walking in Downtown Winnipeg, along Portage Avenue

July 22, at a Folklorama Festival event at Garden City Shopping Centre, with two Irish people representing their culture
July 18, a Caucasian lady who was helpful enough to tell me how to go to Services Canada in Downtown Winnipeg, where I renewed my SIN card (Social Insurance Number)
July 18, in front of Winnipeg Convention Centre in downtown
July 19, all ready for my first driving-lesson session
My fears and apprehension disappeared as soon as I started to drive.
July 22, with cousins Weng and Norne and friend Haydee, at the Famous Players Cinema in Polo Park, Winnipeg
July 20, while strolling by myself around downtown, I stumbled upon this used-books store named Aqua Books; I left the shop after more than an hour, with a bag full of goodies (Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt; One Hundred Modern Poems, edited by Selden Rodman; To My Husband & Other Poems by Anne Bradstreet; George Lucas (biography) by Dana White; Weird Sister by Kate Pullinger; The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Classical Music by Lionel Salter) All these for only C$23.32

July 22, with friend King and cousin Weng, on our way to Myrna's Filipino Restaurant on Sargent Avenue, where we had lunch prior to going to Polo Park Shopping Centre


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