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Friday, August 11, 2006

Some more things I learned in my being away from home

...the best persons to which you can run in times of neediness and sadness are your siblings and closest relations. could never move on with your life and be happy once again if traces of ill feelings remain in your heart.

...blessings do come, really, they do...really.

...I will keep on documenting my Life, which from now on I'd regard as a Book that has no Ending. the Great Scheme of Existence, there are really no sad or happy endings...simply because Life has no ending; it does not end; it goes on and on; all I can do is continue living, wishing, dreaming, and hoping.

...I once said that "how can I forgive people who never ask for forgiveness?" Now, I rephrase my take on that insight: "I should always forgive including people who don't know how to ask for forgiveness--for I'm doing this especially for my own sake--for how can I move on with my life and be happy once again if traces of resentments and ill feelings remain in my heart? I grow older I become wiser, more considerate and less temperamental, but nevertheless youthful and childlike. distance from them continues to make me more expressive of my feelings for my loved ones and friends.

...books, music, and my literary pen will always be my solace.

...from every person with whom I get acquainted, I learn so many things--things which I can use for my well-being...things which I can as well share with others for their own well-being.

...I still believe in my own Supreme Being, and this continues to make me a better person--to myself, to others, and to the environment.

...magic and miracles do happen, really, they do...really. And we are magicians and miracle makers, once in a while, in each of our own ways.

"One written word is worth a thousand pieces of gold."--Adelaine Yen Mah, one of my favorite Chinese authors


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