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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Grandfather's Viewing Service

July 14, 2006
Some pictures taken during the one-day viewing of Grandfather, at Knysh Funeral Homes on Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada:
I with friends Charitess Naval (former layout artist of The Filipino Journal), Jean Guiang (Executive Director of Philippine-Canadian Centre of Manitoba), and Rosalinda Cantiveros (Chief Editor of The Filipino Journal and President of PCCM)

Musician friend Joshua Bernardo and family

The children's choir that graced Grandfather's viewing service

Some more friends of mine here in Winnipeg: couple Tess & Ardie Sarao (back row), Ericson (owner of Juvian's Filipino Restaurant), son and father Jaizen & Jason Paredes

Cousins Ariel Arado and Mike Arado, helping in the preparation of the food


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