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Monday, August 14, 2006

Three years equals a million of moments

August 14, 2006

I survived the darkest years of my life!
...with a refurbished sense of purpose and self-confidence.

Exactly three years ago, I was aboard a Philippine Airlines plane, on a flight to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Yes, three years had passed. A hell of a tough ride that was! Those who know me, as well as those who regularly read my blog site are most likely privy of most of my adventures and misadventures here--which include all the bouts of homesickness, loneliness, disappointments, struggles, frustrations, resentments, complaints, whines...

At last! I'm past all that! I couldn't believe that I'm, after all, a strong and persevering individual. There were many times that I entertained the idea of returning home prematurely. There were times when I felt that I'd be in darkness and helplessness forever. But I soldiered on, rising above my doubts and fears.

I want to believe that I've become a stronger and better person, now more focused and mature.

Now having two wonderful jobs (add to that, my work as a writer with The Filipino Journal), and continuing to gain countless friends and to get reconnected with so many long-lost friends and relatives, and having maintained my relations with my family and sweetheart despite my distance, I am finally out of darkness. I can finally see the light shining on me. I'm happy and confident once again.

Most of all, I'm useful to myself once again. Finally I'm really out in Canada, able to prove that all my talents and skills are at par with those of many people here.

And grateful as I always am, to the Fates and my Supreme Being, I thank them once again for all the good things and opportunities that they started to lay generously on my path.

And so my dreams continue...

And so I go on spreading my wings...

Like a real fairy.


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