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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Not Much of a TV Person But

April 9, Saturday, after breakfast

Following a virtually same routine every day for the past one and a half years of my life here in Canada, I am more bored than not. Sometimes, even my creative diversions such as reading, writing, and listening to music fail to sustain my vigor.

After breakfast, I took my phone cards from my wallet and placed a long-distance call to Charlotte, who was still awake waiting for me. [I texted her several minutes ago, informing her that I would call.] Oh, the wonders of technology!

Many a day when all I want to do is lie in my nest and watch TV, flicking the remote control restlessly as no single program seems to attract my ever-shortening attention span. Oh, restless mind. I feel bad being idle against my will.

I know now how prisoners feel. I know now why they usually find difficulty in returning to the free world.

Oh, well...anyway, one year more and I'm done with my sentence.

One year more.


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