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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Always Saturday

August 26, 2006

The past week was very relaxing and therapeutic, considering that I have been working really hard, sometimes even accepting double shifts a day--7:30 a.m. to 11:45 p.m.--at my job at Riverview Health Centre as a healthcare aide.

As usual, I worked at A&W Restaurant from Monday to Wednesday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. I'm already comfortable with the work routine there; I just need some more exposure with the drive-thru, which usually gives me a rush especially when customers come in quick succession. But I like it that way, because time flies by like a peregrine falcon when you're absorbed in what you're doing. Besides, doing nothing makes me feel useless.

After my work at A&W, I headed to the house of my friend and bandmate Roy, where my band haLf man haLf eLf had a practice session in preparation for the Siakol concert on Saturday. The practice was fruitful. We were able to polish our playlist. Our new drummer Ten-ten's work ethics reminded me of my best-friend and former bandmate with Half Life Half Death Bimbo Ballesteros, who was always punctual and always arrived well prepared.

I went to Garden City Shopping Centre after my work at A&W; came there at around seven. I met with the publisher of Philippine Times, another newspaper here in Winnipeg. After an engaging conversation, she discussed the writing style that she wanted of me for her newspaper. It would be something like an editorial, in which I would state or present an issue and then give my opinion and observation about it, using a combination of sarcasm and humor. This, I said, I could try working on. I proceeded to Roy's after the meeting and had another band practice. Abet with his family dropped me off home afterwards.

After lunch, I went to the house of my friend Jimboy, president of Famous, an association of bands here in Winnipeg. He would be taking Siakol to Pampanga Restaurant, the owner of which would be treating us to a free buffet dinner.

We proceeded to Jim's place afterwards, where several more friends arrived for a get-together. Siakol members were down-to-earth. I was also flattered because they knew my band Half Life Half Death. They even sang to some of my erstwhile band's songs when Jim played our CD--songs like "Alimango," "Kapit-Tuko," and especially "High School (Life)."

Roy arrived and we went to their place and had a short practice, and then we returned to Jim's.

I went to Computer Boulevard on St. James to buy some blank CD-Rs. I proceeded to Jason's house around four. Siakol was having a practice session there. Around 6:30 they dropped me off at Roy's. There'd be a small gig at Howard Johnson Hotel in the evening, a sort of a press conference for Siakol.

My band haLf man haLf eLf played a set. It was a tighter set compared to the ones we had in the previous gigs.

I slept over at Roy's. And now, after this blog entry, I'll be heading home. I'll be coming with my relatives to the christening of the son of my cousin Heinjie. Lunch.

I'll just head to PCCM afterwards--the venue of the Siakol concert which happens later today. I need to be at the venue for the soundcheck.

Song for the day: "Always Saturday" by Guadalcanal Diary


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