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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Listen to my band Half Life Half Death's songs recorded in 1994.

Listen to studio-recorded songs by Dream Kitchen: "16 Hours" and "Bike Ride" (2005). The chefs of Dream Kitchen are former Half Life Half Death members. Read the story of the kitchen.

Listen to "Girl in Mind" and "The Ghost in You" by The Rain: a collaborative musical project of former Half Life Half Death lead guitarist, Rain Paggao, and his mentor/brother JB Paggao.

Read the stories behind "
Butterflies" and "Alimango" (lyrics and band photographs included). Read Half Life Half Death on Wikipedia.

Watch the video of "Butterflies"
here. A friend of mine, Rose Moya, made an awesome picture video of the same song; watch it here. Watch a homemade video I stumbled upon YouTube.comthat employed Half Life Half Death's "Kapit-Tuko": I called the video "Walis Tambo."

Watch "16 Hours," the first music video of Dream Kitchen.