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Sunday, November 06, 2016

Of Strange Times, Trolls, and Cut-Out Images

[Father-and-Son Chronicles by eLf ideas]

Weekend was fun for me and Evawwen. We watched 'Doctor Strange' yesterday and went mall strolling and bought some grocery supplies, and today we saw 'Trolls.'

Because I have day-shift work tomorrow, I had to return Evawwen back to his mom after the movie; however, when we were there already, Evawwen didn't want me to leave yet. Good thing, his mom said to let him sleep over with me again and to just drop him off tomorrow early morning before I proceed to work. So, I won't be sleeping by myself tonight after all.

Funnily, when I told Evawwen this afternoon that I would be missing him tonight, he said that I should just scan him and make a printout of his image and then paste the cut-out image on one of my pillows. Before I was able to react, Evawwen was the one who guffawed first. He really has a good sense of humor--better than mine, I have to admit. That's okay; he's my son, so I'm proud of his positive traits.

From across the kitchen table
Living room scene
Where some of our books will go
Always wanted floor-level beds
Good to be stocked up
While waiting for my cooked dinner
Pleasure and work at the same time--cooking and writing; Evawwen too, playing while waiting for our food to be cooked and served

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Wake Up Boo! It's a Beautiful Saturday

[Father-and-Son Chronicles by eLf ideas]

"Wake up, it's a beautiful morning...."

A beautiful Saturday morning it is in Winnipeg--16 degree-Celsius! When the season here is approaching Winter, to have a so-called two-digit temperature is very good. Relatively, one may describe the day as sunny, bright, and warm. Although, I would still use the description "less cold"--for it is not really technically warm; instead, it is still a bit chilly outside yet fairly tolerable and certainly enjoyable Nonetheless, today is unarguably a wonderful day. 

Evawwen and I woke up around 9 and had our early breakfast of cereals. While he began playing his games afterwards, I started writing articles and also began preparing what I planned to cook for lunch--"nilagang baka with repolyo [cabbage]"--and marinated the remaining steak for dinner later.

Evawwen is staying with me for the entire weekend. No school and I'm on weekend off from hospital work. So, it should be fun. I told him that we are going out after lunch. I plan to watch with him Doctor Strange; but before that, we'll stroll at The Forks and maybe visit a museum or an art gallery.