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Friday, July 28, 2017

The Heart in the Heart of England Never Died

(On a New Possible Simpson-Kelly The Wild Swans Album)

I heard news that The Wild Swans, one of the most beloved New Wave-classifiable English bands, are planning to release another full-length album—a followup to 2011's The Coldest Winter for a Hundred Years.

Since that The Lotus Eaters is on a long hiatus again, wouldn't it be lovely if Jem Kelly gets onboard again with The Wild Swans?

To the uninitiated, The Wild Swans is an English band that was formed by Paul Simpson in 1980, after his foray with The Teardrop Explodes. The band's original lineup included Kelly, who formed The Lotus Eaters after the Swans' initial activity.

Before disbanding in 1982, The Wild Swans got to release the now legendary single "Revolutionary Spirit." The group reconvened after several years, releasing the first full-length album, Bringing Home the Ashes, in 1988, only to disgroup again before the advent of the ensuing decade.

The Wild Swans released the followup Spaceflower in 1990, but no longer with the brilliant guitar works of Kelly; but, in fairness, the results were also commendable.

After a very long disappearance in the scene, Simpson reactivated The Wild Swans with a new set of members, releasing in 2011 the much-awaited third full-length, The Coldest Winter for a Hundred Years.

Now, six years of English winters have passed and a circulating news of Simpson's plan to release another The Wild Swans' album is brewing in the New Wave music circuit in the social-media world.

Since that Kelly and The Lotus Eaters seem to be in the quiet corners these days, wouldn't a returning Kelly to the wings of Simpson's yet another reactivation of The Wild Swans be beauty in brilliant magnitude?

I'm hundred-percent certain that fans of the band will be in ecstatic agreement with this little and doable proposition. After all, to let enthusiasts of the band's music wait for another hundred years will be quite unfair and unbearable already, wouldn’t it?

Help the cause! Spread the skyray love!


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