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Saturday, October 14, 2006

On a thousand islands in the sea, I see a thousand people dressed like me

October 14, 2006

Oh wow, several days have passed without writing a new entry on my blog site. Oh well, blame it on my having no Internet connection at home. Another thing, personal Web sites like blog sites are inaccessible on the PCs at the public libraries here.


Winter has indeed arrived. Snow fell a few days ago. The temperature suddenly dropped to negative 7 degrees. I really found excruciatingly difficult covering the 20-minute-walk from the house to the bus stop. So, what I usually did for the past weekdays was, call taxicabs to pick me up at home. Yeah, that was comfortable, but it was very expensive and non-economical. Imagine, $12 for a trip from the house to A&W where I earn only $7.75 per hour! This is the reason I usually request for double shifts at my other job, to compensate for my seemingly unnecessary expenses. Yeah, I usually work from 7:30 a.m. till 11:45 p.m. at Riverview Health Centre or at Tuxedo Villa. At least, from my job as a healthcare aide, I get to earn $12 per hour, and this work of mine is really preparing me for my future career as a registered nurse. I really need to pursue this goal.

Finally I decided. I will move out of my relatives' house. I'll rent a room at the house of my friend Roy, who has really been very kind, accommodating, and understanding. And since he's the guitarist of my band haLf man haLf eLf, we can spend more time practicing during unbusy moments. He, too, works in the healthcare field--as a pharmacy assistant, so that guy is also busy as a bee. Most of all, I feel at-home every time I'm there at his house. As what he told me, I would have my own room, could use the utilities, and get to pay a very reasonable rent.

I think this is another big step for my life here. Other than finally having my privacy, I will begin living my life independently; not that I haven't tried this before, but here in Canada, to be able to live my life on my own--at last--is certainly a big welcome on my part.

I just finished the third module of my homestudy, Social Psychology. ' been topping the online exams. One last module to go, then I'm finished!

While I'm waiting for the last module to arrive on the mail, I've started reading a supplementary book, which I find really interesting. Learning about different peoples and cultures and languages is really my interest. The book I've began studying is 'Readings in Contemporary Cultural Anthropology.'

The first words that caught my fancy:

"There is nothing deviant or abnormal about being alienated from one's society."


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