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Friday, September 08, 2006

Patas nga ba ang buhay?

Jester, Juggler, Jumper
Jest, Juggle, Jump
Jesting, Juggling, Jumping
Jested, Juggled, Jumped

Words...simple they may seem,
yet they mean so many things...
as they change their forms, they also change their meanings.

Just like...

September 8, 2006

I haven't been writing so much here on my blog site for the last couple of weeks. I'm always busy juggling jobs. But that's okay. Every time I get to receive the fruits of my labor, my exhaustion seems to disappear. Besides, I've been gradually getting good in the groove of my jobs, especially with my work as a healthcare aide. I've also been receiving positive remarks from some coworkers concerning my work ethics. I hope that this continues to inspire me and to encourage me especially into pursuing a nursing career.

Despite my being a juggler, I still manage to practice my being a jester once in a while. Emong Payaso, my musical collaborator, and I have resumed recording. We wanted to finish our 3-song EP The Woes of Emong Payaso soon. At the rate of it, we might finish it in two months' time.

One good result of the recent Siakol gig was that an FM radio station based here in Winnipeg (100.7), with a Filipino dj named Chester Pangan on board, has begun to play my former band Half Life Half Death's song "High School (Life)." I'm excited to finish my "Karnabal" project, so it could be played on the station soon.

The Filipino Journal, the community newspaper for which I'm writing, offered me to become an Assistant Editor. I'm considering the position. Another ball to juggle though. If only I have more than two hands. Let's see, if I can do some more magics.

Happy birthday to my youngest sister, Nina Rica, September 6. I'm happy for your having a son, my new nephew Dirk.

Oh well, I'm always in a hurry these days. Like now, I have to go to sleep already. Tomorrow I'll be working at Riverview Health Centre again. I hope that I'll have a not-so-tough day.

Listening to Madder Rose's Hello June Fool and The Magic Numbers self-titled album.


Mga Berso para sa Setyembre

Patas nga ba ang buhay sa mundo?
Huwag na kaya nating itanong.
Mahalaga'y nabubuhay tayo.

Bawat araw, wala nang inisip
Kundi ang kumayod at mag-ipon.
Para sa 'kin at sa 'yo...panghalip.

Kung higit sa dal'wa aking kamay,
Mas marami kayang magagawa?
Mas dadali kaya aking buhay?

Bawat s'werteng aking natatamo
Ay bunga ng aking paghihirap
At ng tatlong taong sakripisyo.

Kapag ako ay napag-iisa
Naaalala ko'ng aking lolo,
Pero hindi na 'ko naluluha.

Musika pa rin ang nasa puso,
May tinta pa rin ang aking pluma,
Tuloy pa rin ang mga pangako.

Malapit na naman ang tag-nyebe,
Dama ko na ang lamig ng hangin.
Tuluy-tuloy na sana ang s'werte.

Mga dahon ay nalalaglag na;
Nagpaparamdam na ang taglagas.
Lagi nang maginaw sa umaga.



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