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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Like a platypus

September 21, 2006

Nothing significant for the past days, except that people here where I am, including myself, cannot escape the effects of the weather changes. Cough and cold is normal during this inbetween seasons.

My life right now is on a seeming plateau. It practically revolves around my jobs and stealing some rest time at home. The only things that keep me inspired, aside from my loved ones in the Philippines, are my musical projects and my writing career.

Another article of mine, "Mahilig Ka Ba sa Rock Music?", will be featured in forthcoming issue of The Filipino Journal.

Until now, my haLf man haLf eLf first single, "Parang karnabal--ganyan ang buhay ng tao," is yet to be finished, and this is starting to frustrate me. The perfectionist in me is really getting into my nerves!

I'm still juggling my jobs at A&W Restaurant and at the nursing homes. Compared with my first weeks, I'm more comfortable now. The main problem remains the same--my having to cover a 20-minute-walk distance from the house to the nearest bus stop. By the time I get to my work, I've already exhausted so much energy. I hope that by October I can finally move in to a friend's house, which is just two blocks away from the bus stops.


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