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Friday, September 22, 2006

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September 22, 2006

3:55 p.m., I just got off from my shift at Riverview Health Centre. Work today was relatively tough, but I thank the Fates for making me feel always confident and competent about my healthcare aide job for the past several weeks.

Pay attention to details...
I would always look back at my first days, which began only in the end of July, and this would always amaze me--for I remember too well how nervous and clueless and helpless I was during those first exposure to the work routine at the health institutions; but now, I've become skilful enough. Yes, there are still lots of rooms for improvement, and I'm paying attention to details every working day.

I also saw Adolph, a Black fellow healthcare aide. He was one of the first coworkers with whom I worked. I remember very well most of his pieces of advice during those trying first days. He told me: "You always looked panicky, Alfie. With our kind of job, we should always be brave. Just pay attention and always remember the routine, and you would get into the groove in a matter of days." Yes, I remember now where I got that "get into the groove" thing.

This morning, while I was having my breakfast at the cafeteria, someone sat beside me. It was Adolph. He asked me, as usual: "How's it going?"

I answered with eagerness: "Hey, Adolph, how are yeah! I'm now more confident in my job, with the routine. I always keep in mind what you used to tell me...'pay attention to details, be alert, and always remember the routine....'"

He just replied with a sincere smile.

Oops! It's 4:04 p.m. The bus is arriving soon. I have to go now.

I might stroll around Osborne first before going home. There are lots of boutiques and CD and book shops there.

Mahilig ka ba...?
Last night, too, I received an e-mail from Tita Linda Cantiveros, the chief editor of The Filipino Journal, the newspaper for which I am writing. She told me that my article "Mahilig Ka Ba sa Rock Music?" would be appearing in the forthcoming issue. This would serve as the vehicle for the photographs taken from the August 26 Winnipeg concert of the Filipino Alternative Rock band Siakol at P.C.C.M. She also asked me to write the captions for the pictures. I'll be posting the article as soon as the issue is already published.

I remember faces...
By the way, last night, before going to the house of my friend Emong Payaso, I dropped by at the Canada Post at Garden City Shopping Centre. I received a final notice from the post office, telling me to pick up a parcel. I already picked up a package a few days ago, so I surmised that it must have been the same stuff; but I went anyway; I'm on the way anyway. And right was I, that final notice was for the same package I picked up a few days ago.

The staff who attended to me was a Filipina. I didn't pay much attention to her because I was in a hurry; the bus which I would be catching was soon arriving. But of course, I remember faces.

Then, in a flash of coincidence, when I was already at Emong Payaso's house, I checked my e-mails; and there I received a message posted on my blog site. It was from a certain Angela. Here is her message:

"Hi! This is not related to your entry, but I believe I met you last night at the post office. Were you the one who asked me about the final notice card that you received in your mailbox?"


Wow! That was flattering! Thank you for remembering me. And sorry if I might have appeared as disoriented that moment. I was in a hurry, to catch the bus. I was just wondering how you found out my blog site. But, anyway, thanks for dropping by. I already fluttered by your Web site. And ' nice to see that you're also a bibliophilist. I could relate with you very well when you mentioned that your mother was already complaining about your plan to purchase another bookshelf. I, too, live my life in my room with my books. Actually, after this, I'll be again trekking the little book shops here and there. See yeah 'round, 'ey!


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    "Will nature make a man of me yet ?
    When in this charming car
    This charming man"

    Psssst! natuwa lang ako dun sa title ng blog mo,kaya itinuloy ko na lang yung kanta, hehehehe.



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