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Monday, January 16, 2006

Don't Believe Everything You Hear

January 16, 2006

Nothing much to do, again, during those painfully restless moments before sleeptime, I immerse again myself into the escapist's world of music and literature.

Half a dozen albums I've been listening to for the past couple of nights:
1. Lowlife - From a Scream to a Whisper, 1990
2. Rumblefish - Everything Electrical, 1992
3. The Desert Wolves - Pontification, 1988
4. Balloon - Gravity, 1992
5. The Ocean Blue - The Ocean Blue, 1989
6. The Ocean Blue - Beneath the Rhythm and Sound, 1993

My current half a dozen favorite songs:
1. Lowlife - "Ramafied" and "Hollow Gut"
2. Rumblefish - "What You Do to Me"
3. The Desert Wolves - "Mexico" and "Speak to Me, Rochelle"
4. Balloon - "Transfixion"
5. The Ocean Blue - "Ask Me, Jon" and "Sublime"
6. Monaco - "I've Got a Feeling"


A dozen books I will be ordering at Chapters online:
1. The Chronicles of Narnia (Complete, Movie Tie-in Edition) by C(live) S(taples) Lewis
2. The Hundred Secret Senses by Amy Tan
3. The Moon Lady by Amy Tan
4. Monsters & Aliens from George Lucas by Bob Carrau
5. Lucas Aliens Chronicles Book One: The Golden One by Deborah Chester
6. Lucas Aliens Chronicles Book Three: Crystal Eye by Deborah Chester


A dozen DVDs I watched (some, rewatched) in the past few days:
1. Italian Job
2. The Chronicles of Narnia
3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
4. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
6. The Memoirs of a Geisha
7. The King of the World (I didn't like this big time!)
8. The Aviator
9. The Usual Suspects
10. Vanilla Sky
11. Pacific Heights
12. Just like Heaven

"Find someone to spend the rest of your life with, and as soon as you find her, hold on tight and never let go...cherish her like treasured childhood memories."