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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ontario, Here I Come

December 11, 2005, Sunday

After eating lunch at the food court of Garden City Shopping Centre, Grandfather and I made our last stop at a store called Winners, where I bought two scarves and a pair of mittens. I don't want to arrive at the Toronto airport on Thursday wearing an old scarf and a pair of worn-out mittens.

Yes, on Thursday, December the 15th, Grandfather and I will be going to Mississauga, Ontario (another Canadian province which is about two and a half hours' flight away from Manitoba where I presently am). We will be vacationing there (from December 15 to January 28), at the house of Grandfather's youngest sister, 80-year-old Lola Flor. And Toronto, the New York City of Canada, where there are lots of interesting shops and places to check out, will just be about an hour away.

As usual, I'm only half-excited with this trip, obviously because Grandfather is with me. What I really want and need is a vacation free of burden. Well, at least, I can probably go out in Ontario more often, for Lola Flor will always be in the house. I'm looking forward to meeting up with some of my friends there during weekends. They said that they would tour me around Toronto . I hope to find boutiques that sell fancy-colored Doc Martens boots. I remember seeing purple, orange, yellow, and green DMs back in Vancouver, but I didn't have money. Now, I think I deserve to shop around, especially that the season calls for it. I would love to have something like these for Christmas:

In a place where I continually yearn for the company, affection, and love of my family, best friends, and sweetheart, I will let material things satisfy me for the meantime.


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