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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I'm now on a homestudy!

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December 5, 2005, Monday

It's been months since I first contemplated on enrolling for a correspondence study. My friend Connie Tuazon, a former officemate at Diwa Publishing who is also here in Winnipeg, was the one who recommended Stratford Career Institute. According to her, she was able to finish a two-year Health Aid course in just eight months while working full time. She said that, considering that I am home virtually all day and night, I could probably finish a two-year course much faster.

I would have chosen a Psychiatric Nursing course, especially that I was a Registered Nurse back in the Philippines; but taking something like that needs actual going back to a school. So, in the meantime that I am yet to free myself from being Grandfather's caregiver, I thought that Psychology is the best alternative. I believe that this correspondence study would be the best way to make my stay in the house more worthwhile and useful for myself.

And so, in the last week of November, I finally enrolled, paying the initial tuition fee via mail. Stratford Career Institute would send me the 24-lesson course materials module by module, depending on my own phase.

While waiting, I started preparing by reading the Psychology books I have here.

Finally, on December 5, Monday, the first module arrived. You could imagine the excitement on my face while I was opening the package.

I am yet to begin studying the first module because I am currently preoccupied with the things-to-do for our flight to Ontario on Thursday. I'll just bring the course materials with me and start my brow-burning there.

This will certainly be the start of a real higher-learning experience.


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