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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Fortunately I Don't Believe In

First two weeks of January 2006

Nothing much. The mind of your pesky eLf is still on a hiatus. Two weeks to go and we're back in Winnipeg, Manitoba. My creativity is at its lowest and laziest.

The Yuletide season passed me by without a big bang. Nonetheless, my relatives here in Ontario are very accommodating, kind, and considerate. I always feel at-home. Lola Flor keeps on encouraging me that, in case I've already received my Canadian immigrant status, I transfer here.

Ontario is relatively much more livable (in my standards) than Manitoba. I am considering relocating here as soon as I become able.


Last Saturday, I finally met up with Elaine Tan Chua, a former officemate of mine at Quorum/Lanier (Phils.), 1996-1999. She lives in Scarborough, another Ontarian city. Cousin Rommel dropped me off at Kipling Subway Station, where Elaine would be meeting me.

Elaine toured me around downtown Toronto; her treat. Thanks, Elaine! We went to CN Tower, which is accordingly the highest tower in the world. The day was a bit uncooperative--snowing and breeze blowing. Regardless, the weather was not that cold. In fact, walking in the snow was quite "cool," figuratively, and literally of course.

We had lunch at Harvey's by the Union Station.

Afterwards, we passed through Eaton (Shopping) Centre.

I was still looking for a damn pair of fancy-colored Doc Martens boots. Finally, we found some shoe shops along Yonge Street that carry DM boots. I found the colors I was looking for--purple and green. Unfortunately, no size fit! Blast them!

First time to board a subway and a cable car in Ontario--reminded me of the SkyTrain system in British Columbia.

We went to a Chinatown, where we had dinner, at Pho 88 Vietnamese Restaurant.

Both Elaine and I had our digital cameras with us, so we were able to take photographs of the day's highlights. Unfortunately, the PC I'm presently using is slow so I couldn't upload pictures. I'll just post them as soon as I get back in Winnipeg.


I just finished reading Red Flower of China by Zhai Zhenhua (I recently bought for only C$3) and The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan (I borrowed from cousin Jhucel). Great books. I've long noticed that books by Chinese authors have a certain spell on me.


I already met up with my friend Jessel Baltazar, who lives here in Mississauga, Ontario. He lent me a couple of books and DVDs. I finished watching the entire 15-VCD Daimos collection in less than a week. Oh, Erika and Richard...transcended me back to my elementary days in the late '70s.


Cousins Rommel and Jhucel invited me to watch a movie at AMC Theatres, Fun with Dick and Jane. Good movie, especially that it's a Jim Carrey starrer.


Since Monday, I've been the one picking up my cousin Jasmine at school. And it was fun. Considering my condition, the mere activity of walking from the house to her school was therapeutic. At least, I get to breathe fresh air on my own.


This is it for now. I feel weird...always in a hurry to write a ponderous piece, and my mind is a bit disorganized these days. What a way to greet the New Year. Luckily I don't believe in omens.


  • At Friday, January 13, 2006 11:44:00 AM, Blogger nam said…

    welcome back~

  • At Saturday, January 14, 2006 4:15:00 PM, Anonymous giselle said…

    Dear Alfie,

    Thank God you are back on least we know you are somehow settled. Worry not because your enthiusasm and your zest will slowly pick up once more...I guarantee can never let a good man down...

    I've been also posting things in my own friendster blogsite as well, because of you and Eugene and Thad, I will be in this blogsite as well....please feel free to check my ramblings once more in friendster especially in Eugene's...

    We miss you bro!

    skyray is love,


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