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Sunday, January 29, 2006

A Clown and an eLf

January 28, 2006

Around midday, Grandfather and I arrived at Winnipeg International Airport, in Manitoba, after a two-and-a-half flight from Pearson Airport in Ontario. The airplane trip was my sixth time to board a plane. Fortunately I've become more accustomed to it; the sudden turbulences no longer startled me; but weird thoughts of getting into a plane crash still crept into my senses.

After a short nap, we attended the 5 p.m. mass at St. Joseph's Church. We then proceeded to the children's birthday celebration to which we were invited.

Nothing spectacular. But for someone like me who is indefinitely stuck with a 90-year-old Grandfather, any event becomes eventful.

There was a clown hired to entertain the children. The clown, named Toodles, who had a few bags of stuff, was alone so I decided to give it a hand.

Here's a picture of Toodles and eLf. Funny thing, I realized that we were dressed up similarly only when I was already reviewing the contents of my digital camera back at the house. Such coincidence!


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