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Friday, January 27, 2006

Goodbye, Ontario; Hello, Manitoba

January 27, 2006

Wow! I never thought that time would fly this fast after all. I still remember the last blog entry I wrote in Manitoba: "Goodbye, Manitoba; Hello, Ontario"; now, I'm writing a similar entry; only that this time, the greetings have been reversed.

This will be my last time to use the PC here, so I thought of writing my last blog entry in Ontario...a short one though.

Today, I will finish packing our stuff: three check-in boxes and one carry-on luggage. As usual, our stuff comprises mostly of clothes, books, and CDs.

Everything needs to be ready by lunchtime. I wouldn't have time tonight because we'd be attending the birthday celebration of Tita Zeny. By the time we return to the house later, it would already be late; and our flight tomorrow is 10:25 a.m., so we'd certainly leave around eight.

Will I be missing Ontario? Hmm. Yes. Mostly because of the tolerable weather, and also because I find the places here more enjoyable. Lastly, I will miss Lola Flor and my eight-year-old cousin Jasmine--our usual company every day.


My stay had also been fruitful because I was able to meet several friends: Jessel Baltazar (and his wife, Anna, and their daughter, Jaina), former Quorum officemate Elaine Chua, Timmy Tan, and another former Quorum officemate Shiela Leobrera (and her husband, Mike). I also got to see Ate Doy (the eldest sister of my brother-in-law Ramil) and her family (husband, Noel; and their chidren, Detdet, John, and Gella).


Lastly, I was able to visit some of Ontario's chief "must-see places" that include CN Tower in downtown Toronto and the great Niagara Falls.


Lola Flor, Tita Cecil, and Tito Junior told me that, in case I finally become a Canadian immigrant, I am welcome to stay with them if I decide to relocate in Ontario. I'm considering this option. As I said, Ontario, for me, is a great place to live in.


See you then in Manitoba!


I'm excited chiefly because I can now continue the recording project I started with Emong Payaso.


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