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Monday, November 10, 2008

In Simple Words (1st book, to be published in February 2009)

November 10, 2008

This is it! I need to get inspired, and while I'm currently heavily inspired, I have to take advantage of the literary flame once again burning deep inside me. Many years have passed since I started toying with the idea of publishing my books. However, procrastination always got in the way. But not only this, I also got caught up with work and other stuff since I finally got my life back here in Canada.

To those who didn't know what I'm talking about, here's a little backtracking...

In 2003, I left the Philippines for Canada primarily to serve as my maternal grandfather's caregiver. That period was very tough because I really took care of him day in day out for almost three years until he passed away. Only after his death when I finally regained my freedom. After such predicament was I able to look for a real job, because when he was still alive, no one could be with him all the time except me. Grandfather and I stayed with relatives, and that meant I could not live on my own accord. I had to go with the flow. I did not have a salary nor a regular allowance, so I was practically poor during that period--not only financially but also in self-confidence and in self-esteem. But that is all over now.

In July 2006, 91-year-old Grandfather passed away. And so my life began colorfully once again.

Fast forward...

I now work as nursing assistant at a hospital, Riverview Health Centre, as well as work as the editor of Filipino Journal, the leading Filipino-owned newspaper here in Manitoba where I am. I also maintain three columns in the said newspaper: "Sa Madaling Salita" (about cultures and lifestyles as well as personal observations on life in Canada), "Sa Ugoy ng Musika" (music column tackling music, songs, artists, genres, fashion, and related stuff), and "Engkanto series" (serialization of the fantasy fiction / Philippine mythology book I'm currently finishing).

Just recently I while on a contemplation about my accomplishments in Canada, I felt very grateful to my deities because my life turned for the better after all. There are still lots of catching up to do and some obstacles to hurdle, but so far so good.

However, one dream that suddenly began to bug me once again is the question of when will I really have a book of mine published. The answer is NOW! I mean I should act now and start working on the book that I decided to publish first, and this will be the book compiling all the articles I've written for my column "Sa Madaling Salita."

Also, I feel good that not only Filipinos have been reading my columns in the newspaper; many non-Filipino coworkers have also began asking for copies of the newspaper because they said that they enjoy reading my articles. Some of you might wonder how they can understand the articles; well, if you have been reading some of the articles which I have been posting here, you would have noticed that for that particular column, I write partially in Filipino and mostly in English. This was intended. Because I acknowledged the fact that English is a very widely used and understood language, and that I'm now living in an English-speaking country, that the most practical and logical thing to do is to write using English as much as possible.

So, for the book version of "Sa Madaling Salita," I decided to translate the title (as well as the title of each article) into English, and edit the articles themselves and try to make it more universal as possible, meaning, I would be translating the entire articles into English except for the introductory paragraphs.

Lastly, I've given myself a deadline for this project. I should be finished with compiling and re-editing the articles for this book next month, so that I can give the files to the publisher as soon as possible for an intended publication and printing in February of next year. I already got in touch with a self-publishing company which gave me a reasonable quote. They'd be taking care of everything, from laying out to undertaking the copyright and other important documentation.

I want to release the book commercially on February 14 of next year. Why Valentine's Day? Because that will mark the third year anniversary of my column "Sa Madaling Salita" in Filipino Journal.

My first article written for the column, "Ano ang 'I Miss You' sa Filipino?," was published in 2006, for the Valentine issue of the newspaper.

ThereForce, I have two months to finish the book. I just be needing all the moral support to keep my passion burning some more. Save your money for now; just purchase a copy of the book when it's finally available and I'd be happy.

In Simple Words
by aLfie vera mella
Date of Publication: February 2009
Tentative price: C$15

I'm accepting pre-orders now. Hehehe.


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