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Sunday, November 09, 2008

I always have a clear sense of purpose.

November 9, 2008

Somehow the snow on the streets has melted today. The streets were not that icy and slippery anymore. Well, at least for the time being. Surely, though, snow will fall again in the coming days. No doubt about that, it's Winter time already! And what's great is that, whatever season of the year it might be, I always have a clear sense of purpose.

Work today was smooth. I was assigned at the same unit I was on yesterday--CD1, personal care home. I always enjoy being of service to the elderly. I noticed that, no matter how grumpy a resident is, I have my own special way of softening their mood. Flattering also is the fact that, despite the weakness of the short-term memories of such old people, most of them easily remember my name. Good.

Charina and I went to Polo Park to buy some grocery supplies at Safeway and at Shoppers. There were lots of people there--Filipinos and non-Filipinos. I noticed that, compared with my first years here, about 3 years ago, the malls these days are also becoming crowded, in the standards of Canada anyway. I welcome that. I enjoy strolling and shopping at the malls when there are lots of people. I feel a sense of community.

I remember my first years in Canada, I almost never went out without my camera. I guess I have to start bringing my camera once again every time we go out. Not because that I've been living here for five years now that I'm starting to lose my awe. In times I feel like that--feel like everything starts to be usual and normal again, I simply look back and it does the trick! I always try to capture in my heart the same excitement I used to have when I first saw Canada.

Anyway, the blog bug has bitten me once again! And I love it. I suddenly had the urge to write as many blog entries as I could, the way I used to do when I started this blogspot, 4 years ago.

Above is a photograph of mine taken only a month ago. This hairstyle is partly inspired by the hairdo of Information Society's vocalist, Kurt Harland (see below). In case you don't know the band, Information Society is the American band (Minneapolis, Minnesota) that sung "What's on Your Mind? (Pure Energy)."


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