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Saturday, November 08, 2008

I see the whiter side of the snow, but it's still mucky.

November 8, 2008


To many others, today is a weekend rest. Countless sleepyheads surely got up from bed late. Not I.

Today is the first day of my day-shift week work; meaning, I woke up early this morning, around 6:00, because I had to start my vehicle and turn on the heater about 15 minutes before driving. The temperature these days is below 0 degC because of the snow coupled with the freezing rain. Actually, when I woke up, I had the urge just to call a taxicab instead of driving. But the thought of paying C$15 for the one-way fare energized my nerves. I was driving very slow; the roads were icy and slippery. In fact, I skidded a couple of times; good that there were few vehicles on the road because it's weekend.

The day at work went by smoothly as usual. I enjoy my job at Riverview Health Centre, and that makes my work days tolerable.

Another story for an article...during the unbusy hours, I got to talk with one of the Filipina service partners, Rose Sanchez. I learned that she was a talented illustrator (charcoal, ink, and oil), but that she did not pursue the avocation. She began drawing as early as in Grade One, as influenced by her father, who himself was a painter. She said that she draws every time she's at home and not doing some chores. Drawing serves as her stress reliever. It also gives her a sense of nostalgia, because it has the power to transcend her back to her younger days. She said that she was happy also because her two children "inherited" her knack in drawing.

After work, I just went home to rest for a bit, then Ina and I went to Toys R Us to check out the items on SALE. I bought 6 new Star Wars Clone Wars action figures:
2 Ahsoka Tano
2 Clone Commander Cody
Clone Pilot Odd Ball
Super Battle Droid

and a metal slinky and a bubblegum dispenser for Gabriel, a Bratz accessory for Jannica, and a doll set for my goddaughter who was celebrating her third birthday today.

We headed to the venue, Buffet Square Garden on McPhillips. There were lots of celebrations taking place at the restaurant. We filled our stomachs to the rim. Yummy! What I love most at that resto is the sushi bar. Although, for me, nothing beats the sushi restaurants on Osborne Street and on Corydon Avenue.

The streets were still slippery, and this time wet and mucky, because the snow has melted. If winds blow over the night, the roads would surely be icy and slippery tomorrow morning.

Oh my! For sure, I'd be having again tomorrow morning the urge to call a taxicab instead of driving. But the thought of paying C$15 for the one-way fare would definitely energize my nerves. I would be driving very slow; the roads would be icy and slippery. I hope, I don't skid tomorrow; good that there would be fewer vehicles on the road because it's Sunday.

To many others, tomorrow is a weekend rest. Countless sleepyheads would surely be tucked under their warm blankets until late morning.

Not I.


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