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Monday, November 03, 2008

To the Wave of Music #1: The Lotus Eaters - 'No Sense of Sin'

November 3, 2008

As I said in my last blog entry, I started last month my third column in the newspaper Filipino Journal. I called it "Sa Ugoy ng Musika," in which I will be writing about music genres, bands, other artists, album reviews, and personal stories expressing how music has affected me.

I also mentioned that, in 2006, I started eLf ideas Multiply site, primarily to share music with fellow music enthusiasts. Many Multiplyers post albums on their sites, and many of these people write also short reviews of these albums. What sets me apart from the lot of them, I think, is my penchant to share my personal story about a particular song or album or band. This way, I am able to share with fellow music enthusiasts how music has enhanced my views in general. Like, for instance, for me, life without music is life without memories.

In view of my music column and my album postings on Multiply, I thought of posting here on eLf ideas blogspot the music/album reviews I posted on Multiply.

I am giving this series of music postings the title "To the Wave of Music."

Here's my first entry for the series. I wrote this originally on January 2008 for my Multiply site .

German Girl

Love Still Flows

Can You Keep a Secret?

Out on Your Own

Put Your Touch on Love

Too Young

Set Me Apart

You Fill Me with Need

The First Picture of You

Alone of All Her Sex

When You Look at Boys

Start of the Search

Cover sleeve of the debut album of the English band The Lotus Eaters, released in 1984; the cover features vocalist Peter Coyle and guitarist Jeremy Kelly, the primary members of the group

The first picture below was my highschool graduation picture taken in 1988. Yes, even back in those days, I was already sporting a New Wave look reminiscent of Jeremy Kelly's famous The Lotus Eaters days hairstyle. The second picture was taken two years ago, in 2006, a hairstyle inspired by Jeremy Kelly of The Lotus Eaters and Robert Smith of The Cure. More than 20 years had passed since I discovered New Wave and donned the fashion and style, yet I remain practically the same New Wave enthusiast I used to be, mellowed a bit but very passionate all the same.

For my first music posting, no album is more befitting my music taste than this one: No Sense of Sin by The Lotus Eaters, the original version released in 1984 on Arista Records.

I'm sure that many New Wave aficionados already have a copy of this album in their collection, because I believe that one is not a legitimate New Waver if s/he has not at least some songs from this album.

In 1985, the year I first immersed myself in a blossoming Alternative Rock music of the '80s which was New Wave, "German Girl" was the first song that imprinted a lasting impression on my mind. In fact, a cassette tape of this album was the first ever album that I bought with my own money from my school allowance. Secondly, guitarist Jeremy Kelly was the first musical icon whose hairstyle I imitated (second was Robert Smith and Ian McCulloch, and next was Dave Gahan). Besides, many friends and acquaintances always told me that I have a facial resemblance with Jeremy Kelly.

Then, when The Lotus Eaters went to the Philippines in 2001 for the promotion of their long-awaited followup album, I got to meet Jem personally. Actually a few years before that gig Jem and I had already been corresponding with each other through e-mail, so when he first saw me at their promo gig at MusicOne in Glorietta, he immediately recognized me. And he himself told me that he thought I looked like him when he was in his teens. I dropped by again at their promo appearance at Q in Rockwell. Jem personally gave me a backstage access to the concert proper and invited me to the after-party. In fact, Jem's girlfriend was the one who took my friend and former bandmate Carol Pobre and me from the concert venue to the club where the after-party was held. Just having the chance to see Jem and Pete in person was a dream come true. So surreal!
Jeremy Kelly and I, in 2001 at the record store MusicOne at Glorietta Shopping Center in Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines; I with other Lotus Eaters fans who approached me to ask if they could have a picture taken with me

There! That's how special to my life The Lotus Eaters and their music. My highschool days and mid-'80s summer days were incomplete without them and their music, which I played almost every day.

To The Lotus Eaters, especially to Jem and Pete, thank you very much for your music.

My two most favorite songs from The Lotus Eaters are "Too Young" and "Start of the Search."

No Sense of Sin (1984, Arista); re-released in 1998 by BMG Japan with 10 bonus tracks
silentspace (2001, Vinyl Japan)

Listen to the entire album on eLf ideas Multiply.


  • At Friday, November 14, 2008 9:35:00 PM, Blogger McDoC said…

    hi ELF,
    I was searching for some info about The Wallflowers (UK)(Blushing Girl...) when one of the results lead me to your blog. I think it was last year when I also came across your band's (The Rain) cover of Seona Dancing's "More to Lose" at MySpace. I thought it was a cool version. So when I realized that you were the blog owner and read some of your entries, I'd have to say I'm impressed. I also love New Wave but mostly mainstream. Lotus Eaters is also one of my favorites and you are one very lucky guy having experienced being with them up close. Well, thanks for sharing and you have another fan reader. :)

  • At Friday, November 21, 2008 12:13:00 PM, Blogger eLf ideas said…

    I'm glad that my Net postings have always been serving another purpose--that is, giving others additional information. Because my main purpose is simply to document my life, my journey, so that I may have the chance to glimpse at my life when I'm older--considering that the Internet is here to stay to the end of my days.

    But, yeah, New Wave and Post-Punk music have a big part in my having a very interesting life.

    Thank you for expressing your appreciation.

    You inspire me.


  • At Friday, January 23, 2009 7:10:00 PM, Anonymous Alice said…

    Hi elf...

    Im just so glad to have found your site....I was just surfing the net for my fave band of all times and lo and behold....I came across your page with them on it---who else The Lotus Eaters...

    Thanks for featuring them!---I love this group so much and Ive been looking for their album of No Sense of Sin but couldnt find one...di bale, just to see them, Im very much happy...thank you for featuring them...are there anymore photos with them???


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