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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The missing 'n'.

November 5, 2008

Today is third day of my week off from work at Riverview Health Centre; although I worked an extra shift last Monday and would be working tomorrow for a coworker who exchanged a workday with me. That coworker, in turn, would be working next Tuesday for me.

The weather the past three days was great--meaning, it was less colder as what many people expect, considering that Winter is around the corner. I could still wear shorts the past days, especially that I'm driving anyway. Unlike when I was still commuting, because I was more exposed to the cold winds.

When I'm home, I usually just write articles for Filipino Journal, listen to music as always, cook, clean, watch films, read books, and be with Charina and the kids. Right now, I am editing articles submitted by writers for the newspaper. I enjoy this! Making love with words is such a warm experience. I suppose any writer would agree with me.

A few days ago I just finished the article for the second feature of my new column "Sa Ugoy ng Musika," and I'm really enjoying writing for this column of mine, because as many people know I'm a big music enthusiast--music of various genres.

Speaking of my new music column in Filipino Journal, I'm sharing with all of you right now the first feature, which appeared last month.

Filipino Journal is the leading Filipino-owned newspaper in Manitoba, Canada, where I live. It's been in publication for 22 years already, and I've been writing for it for almost three years now, and I was taken in as an associate editor by the publisher last March of this year.

So, here, the article I wrote for the first feature of my music column, "Sa Ugoy ng Musika," in Filipino Journal.


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