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Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm a star starstrucked all the time.

November 14, 2008
My having been the editor and a columnist of Filipino Journal, the leading Filipino-owned newspaper here in Manitoba, Canada, is very fun. Not only am I able to share my eLf ideas and showcase my writing passion to a wider readership but also do I enjoy talking with showbusiness stars in an equal level--not idol-fan circumstance, but producer/promoter-client relationship. It makes a difference, of course. Not that movie stars or music-stars look down at their fans and supporters, but of course there's this feeling on their part that such people are there just to ogle them. Unlike when you're there with them as a part of the "crew" or as also a "star" yourself, they somehow see you as their equal. You can strike a conversation with them as if you're a friend, and they tend to lower their defenses and open up their minds. Whenever stars see you as someone who's there just to get their autographs or have your pictures taken with them, they tend to feel uncomfortable and assume the so-called elusive mode.

In view of that, we really couldn't blame stars for being naturally aloof with their fans or with common people who stare at them as if they're laboratory specimens. I could imagine how it feels like being left in the middle of a big crowd of strangers whose eyes are all set on you. Flattering, one might quip. Yes, it is. Of course. But the moment such flattery comes endlessly and from people you barely know, the feeling becomes weird, as if you are being stalked or something.

Having been a member of Half Life Half Death, a band that had its share of "star moments" in the Philippine Alternative music scene in the 1980s through the 1990s, I had the privilege to mingle (and have pictures with them taken) with many showbusiness personalities. And I feel flattered myself (up to this day) that those moments with them happened not as a fan-idol encounter but as their equal.

And back to where this article started, I am glad that here in Canada, I still am able to do the same. Because being a member of the media--regardless how big or small my part is--I can still enjoy the pleasure of having my pictures taken with stars.

Starstruck am I?

November 13, 2008, with Eric Quizon, at Buffet Square Garden, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

with Ronnie Quizon

with Jeffrey Quizon

with Vandolph Quizon & his wife, Jenny Salimao-Quizon

with Boy2 Quizon

Of course, I am. I am not a hypocrite. Regardless if the star is April Boy Regino or Yoyoy Villame or Slapshock members or Eric Quizon, having my pictures taken with them is such an honor. Whatever many bitter people might have to say, I will always respect the works and contributions of such stars in the field of showbusiness--music or film or politics this business might be.
the Idol himself, Pop singer-songwriter April Boy Regino

comedian Mar Lopez of Da Big 3 Sullivans
Last night, Filipino Journal (being one of the sponsors) hosted a welcome dinner for the entourage of Dolphy & Zsa-zsa, sons Eric, Ronnie, Jeffrey, Vandolph, and grandson Boy2 Quizon, with April Boy Regino at Buffet Square Garden. The visiting stars would be staging a show at Pantages Theatre later. (I'm just having my hair done while finishing this blog entry, and we're off to the venue to watch the show. I will be going to the stage during the finale because as the editor of the newspaper, I will join the publisher, Rod Cantiveros, in awarding Dolphy a plaque of recognition for his long career in showbusiness.

What would I wear? As usual, my ultra New Wave sense of fashion will always be in my hair.


  • At Wednesday, November 19, 2008 10:50:00 AM, Anonymous Banshee_05 said…

    I know Eric Quizon during my early days in modeling. Boy2 I know as a kid from Ang T.V. who was one of our escorts during the pageant in '95 :-p

    Managed to get a pic with Dolphy, man? That'd be priceless!

  • At Wednesday, November 19, 2008 2:29:00 PM, Blogger eLf ideas said…

    Just goes to show that, since our heydays, more than half our lives have passed! Yeah, we began our journey together with the gang in 1988 and now it's 2008! 20 years! Yung mga kapapanganak lang noong namamayagpag tayo e bente anyos na ngayon. Hahaha! And yet I feel like I'm far cooler than many of them! Hahaha!

    Dolphy and Zsa Zsa didn't attend the pre-concert dinner, understandably because he needed much rest at his age. But I was still lucky to have been asked by the publisher of 'Filipino Journal' to award the plaque to Dolphy on the newspaper's behalf. So, I got a few pictures with Dolphy taken while we were onstage. Precious souvenirs indeed!

    I miss you guys!


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