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Thursday, November 13, 2008

I am strolling in the starstudded corner of my memory.

In 1995, during my former band Half Life Half Death's TV heydays, when we had the privilege to promote our singles on television, I took the opportunity of having pictures of myself with stars taken. There were lots of such star-studded photographs that I had as souvenirs; unfortunately, many of these pictures got lost in the process of my family's transferring residence here and there during the '90s.

Here're some of what I was able to keep. I treasure these photographs to this day.

I and my Half Life Half Death bandmates with my sisters and Regine Velasquez (1995, Channel 9's Chibugan Na)

with Pops Fernandez (1995, Channel 9's Chibugan Na)

with Michelle van Eimeren (1995, Channel 9's Chibugan Na)

with Jao Mapa, Victor Neri, Roselle Nava, Gio Alvarez, Sharon Galvez (1995, Channel 2's A.S.A.P.)

with Jamie Rivera (1995, Channel 9's Chibugan Na)

with Dayanara Torres (1995, Channel 2's A.S.A.P.)

with Arnel Ignacio and Karla Estrada (1995, Channel 9's Chibugan Na)


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