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Thursday, November 20, 2008

I respect individuality and people's difference in preference.

November 20, 2008
I usually write long comments. Being a writer, I tend to treat all my writings as formal as possible. I chanced upon a blog entry posted on Multiply concerning Friendster's having been hacked. One who commented said that she hated Friendster.

The comment prompted me to write my own, long comment. Since that it got longer as usual, I decided to write it here as a blog posting of its own.

That's what I call eLf ideas.

For me, having my own blog site like this one is better than any of the networking sites that I already tried, such as MySpace, Friendster, and Multiply, because having my own blog site like this gives me a sense of ownership.

Friendster - I still thank the developers of this site because through this site I got to reconnect with many long-lost friends, stretching way back 20 years ago! However, I dislike the way many people there hide behind pathetic aliases and pictures. The bulletin board has also become an ad board that usually gets flooded with topics that do not interest me anyway. Also, the testimonial section has lost its real meaning--it has become an outlet of ad and video-clip flooders. Some even write their messages there, when in fact, a testimonial should be something you write about the person. (Well, I'm guilty of writing messages on the testimonial section one once in a while. Anyway, I seldom use my Friendster account anymore.)

MySpace - I long lost interest in this site because many (if not most) of the people there (especially musicians) just flood one another's site with ads and with self-promotion tactics. They obviously don't care about music; instead, they simply care about their own music. I've long abandoned my account there.

Facebook - I go there once in a while, but I feel like it is the "downtown" or the "marketplace" (or in the Philippines, the Divisoria) of networking sites because it's too crowded and almost anyone can read your postings; feels like everyone is talking all the time at the same time. ' no sense of privacy. ' too overwhelming. I just registered a few months ago, but I lost interest already.

Multiply - I love this site because I continue to enjoy the album downloads, and I do my share by uploading music as well. The features are also better organized compared with other sites. But I guess, Multiply is usually favored by music enthusiasts like me.

In view of all these, why does each site still boasts of countless users? The answer is simple. Each site, though similar in nature and purpose with the others, has its own specialized features. And this features click to those people who obviously need such features. And because each of us has different needs and interests, our preference also varies.




Respect for each other's preference.

I'm the type of person who would not say "Guns n' Roses' new album, Chinese Democracy, or The Killers' latest, Day & Age, suck!" if in case I didn't like it, because I know very well that there are countless others who love the music of these bands. Others pass off judgment too harshly and too easily without considering the taste or feelings of others. That's what we call apathy, indifference, or inconsideration.

Lastly, for the record, I like G n' R and Metal music in general. I will buy an original copy of Chinese Democracy as soon as it gets released. Axl Rose's having spent more than a decade to finish this album deserves my appreciation and patronage.

I love The Killers, so I will buy also their forthcoming album. Not only because I love The Killers' music but more so New Wave and Post-Punk are my most favorite genres of music. In fact, I bought the debut, Hot Fuss, back in 2003, during the time they were still unheard of by the mainstream. I loved their music ever since, as well as the band's image. Just one listen to the new singles "Human" and "Spaceman" got me hooked with their music once again.


I love you and I miss you very much. I hope to see all of you there next year or the year after next year.


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