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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Some more August pictures

Siakol tour in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, August 27, 2006
Chester Pangan (deejay at CKJS AM and 100.3 Cafe FM radio stations), James Rodriguez (Siakol's drummer), Noel Palomo (Siakol's vocalist), Jason Paredes (FourSight's band leader and producer of the Siakol concert in Winnipeg), Ardie Sarao (one of the highly regarded guitarists in the Filipino band scene in Winnipeg), Miniong Cervantes (Siakol's guitarist), I, Jason Gerodias (Siakol's manager), Lyn (Ritchie's wife), Maning, Jaizen (Jason's eldest son), Wowie Flores (Siakol's bassist), DJ Duke, and Ritchie
Jen; Siakol's James, Miniong, and Noel; Roy Gutierrez; Siakol's Wowie; Jason G.; I; Hare (of AB Noize from Toronto, Ontario); Abet; Boy; Ten-ten; and Jimmy Olais
I with friends Let, Hazel, and Arabella
haLf man haLf eLf and FourSight with friends
The burning-red passion of haLf man haLf eLf

"A legacy so far removed / One day will be improved / Eternal rights we left behind / We were the better kind"


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