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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Para bang cotton candy na ubod ng tamis

November 2, 2006

Finally, I devoted time to spend on my well-deserved and necessary shopping. I didn't accept an evening shift yesterday (Tuesday) and today (Wednesday), so I could go to the mall and other shopping places.

Yesterday, my destination was Computer Boulevard on St. James. I bought an Internet-connection cable, blank CD-Rs and DVD-Rs, 130 G external HDD, Nexstar-3 external HDD enclosure, and wireless headphones (which I will return because it was grounded; I'd instead buy an extension cable for my existing wired headphones.

Today, after dropping by at the office of my healthcare-aide agency to submit my timesheets, I went to the nearby Portage Place (shopping centre). I bought a Winter jacket, a dark-brown working shoes, a pair of thinsulate gloves, black furry slippers (for inside the house), and white Sorel heavy-duty Winter boots.

I spent a hefty amount of money, but I was satisfied with the things I bought, except for the Winter jacket. When he saw it, my friend Ardie said that the jacket would not be warm enough during the coldest days of Winter. He recommended a particular store which specializes in work clothes and stuff, Mark Warehaus, where I will surely find better Winter jackets that could withstand a -35 degC and below. I'll just return the jacket that I bought.

Emong Payaso and I resumed our Karnabal project. Finally, we are finished with the introductory piece to the main song, entitled "Mahiwagang sapatos ni Emong Payaso." I'm satisfied with the result, which is what I originally had in mind when I first conceptualized the idea of making a trilogy of interrelated songs.

To those who haven't sampled the main song yet, here, have a listen:

"Parang karnabal--ganyan ang buhay ng tao" by haLf man haLf eLf


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