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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Moving forward, using all my breath

October 28, 2006

Finally, I moved in some of my stuff at my friend Roy's house, where I'd be staying from now on. I believe that the time to become independent once again has come. Winter is here; getting colder and colder by the day; twenty minutes' walk from the house of my relatives where I stay to the nearest bus stop is not a joke, especially when the weather is cold, as in cooold! Some friends in the Philippines may say that, hey, it's just like having a daily exercise. Mind you, when it's Summer, the trek is tolerable; but when the temperature is freezing cold, you can never endure even a 10-minute exposure out in the streets.

Besides, I have now jobs. I'm earning, so I should as well begin to live on my own. Also, friend Roy is very understanding and considerate. He gave me a very reasonable rental fee. Most important, I have now my own room, where I can put all my stuff--something I was deprived of for the past three years and so. I don't blame anyone. I know that these are all part of the package when I decided to migrate here into Canada. Past is past. I'm moving on. I'm recharged! I'm free once again.

I'm ready for new adventures, for writing new chapters in my book of life.


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