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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Taking Off

"Tomorrow I'll begin again
With heavy head to hold it
As I do it all like yesterday
Yeah I'll break it out again
And morning I'll be there in time
For clock back move
And make it for a while
To get through every day
I'll roll it out the same..."--The Cure, "Taking Off" (2004, The Cure)

July 25, 2006

My one-hour orientation at A&W Restaurant yesterday went fine. There were three of us new hirees; with me were a Caucasian guy and an Indian girl. The trainer just walked us through the basics, which included company goals, safe food handling, precautionary measures during emergency situations, and the floor plan of the store. She said that we would start working as soon as our uniforms were ready, sometime this week; and that the rest of what we ought to learn we would learn as we begin working.
I wake up this morning in a haze. It's drizzling. The sky is gloomy. Lest it starts to affect my mood, I immediately boot my PC so I can perk myself up with takeoff songs while I prepare my brunch. I'm staying home today. I'll call the healthcare agency in a little while, to ask about the schedule of my on-the-job orientation as a healthcare aide.

I might just watch DVDs or listen to music after brunch, after I have alloted an hour or so to my homestudy. I'm already on Module 3 of 4 of my correspondence course, Social Psychology. The topic is interesting: interpersonal relationships, how people relate to his fellow beings.
While at Polo Park Shopping Centre last Saturday, I checked out HMV, a music and video shop. I bought a copy of the special extended edition of The Fellowship of the Ring, which was on sale for only C$19.99. I'm now complete! Two years ago I bought The Two Tower and The Return of the King each for C$35! I'm glad I caught the fellowship on sale.

My takeoff songs today:

A Flock of Seagulls - The More You Live, The More You Love
a-ha - The Sun Always Shines on TV

Anything Box - Soul on Fire
The Armoury Show - We Can Be Brave
Ash - Shining Light
The Ataris - Boys of Summer
Aztec Camera - Walk Out to Winter
Barenaked Ladies - Everything Old Is New Again
Billy Idol - Blue Highway
The Bolshoi - Modern Man
Boo Radleys, the - Wake Up, Boo!
British Sea Power - Please Stand Up
Care - Flaming Sword
The Church - Spark
The Cure - Taking Off
Duran Duran - Taste the Summer
Echo & the Bunnymen - Get in the Car
Fossil - Moon
The Housemartins - Happy Hour
James - What For
The Lightning Seeds - Marvellous
Manic Street Preachers - A Design for Life
Modern English - Spinning Me Round
Monaco - Shine
New Order - All the Way
Popsicle - Histrionics
Skyray - Skyray Is Love
The Smiths - This Charming Man
Spandau Ballet - Highly Strung
Tears for Fears - The Way You Are
The Tears - Refugees
The Waterboys - The Return of Pan
The Wild Swans - Young Manhood


  • At Tuesday, July 25, 2006 9:17:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    am wary of the indian girl already..hahaha!

    hi hon! sorry wasnt able to reply to your txt messages last night. i got spent hijacking pasalubongs (tia returned from a brief holiday in shanghai)..

    ang ginaw dito! **hugs**


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