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Friday, July 21, 2006

Who'll Stop the Rain?

July 21, 2006

Yesterday, I dropped by the office of CH Health & Home Care Services, which posted on a Web site a job vacancy for healthcare aides. It was located on Donald Street in downtown Winnipeg. Fortunately, my cousin Shelley (whose family lives on the same street I live here) was dropping off cousin Weng as well. In short, I went along with them. I was supposed to be dropped off at the nearest bus stop, but kind Shelley offered to bring me to the place.

I found the office. It was an agency that despatches healthcare aides to various nursing homes. I filled out an application form and submitted a copy of my resume. The receptionist asked me to procure a Criminal Record Clearance (similar to Philippines' NBI clearance) at the Public Safety Building and a Child Abuse Registry Clearance. Luckily, these places were in the vicinity. I didn't waste the day, so I proceeded to get the documents. I got the CRC; but not the CAR because I didn't have ID photos with me. I'd be returning tomorrow.

Still early, around 4:30 p.m., so I decided to stroll downtown. The weather was sunny warm. A nice day for a leisurely walk. While on Princess Street, I chanced upon a used-books store named Aqua Books. I checked out the place. After spending about an hour skimming through the bookshelves, I went not without a few books purchased:

Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt, 1996, Touchstone
One Hundred Modern Poems, edited by Selden Rodman, 1949, Signet Classics
To My Husband & Other Poems by Anne Bradstreet, 2000, Dover Thrift Editions
George Lucas (biography) by Dana White, 2000, Learner Publications
Weird Sister by Kate Pullinger, 1999, McArthur
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Classical Music by Lionel Salter, 1978, Salamander

All these for only C$23.32.

Around 5 p.m. I rode the bus home.

I'm now eating lunch; afterwards, I'd go out again, to get my Child Abuse Registry clearance which I'd submit to the healthcare agency I visited yesterday.

Again, I'm among the unemployed citizens of the world. I will never stop until I get a good job. What's important is I have the skills and the willingness to work. All I need is perseverance, patience, and a dose of good luck and wishes from all of you.


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