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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Inspiring Each Other, One Another

Once in a while I receive e-mails from good people I don't really know, either simply to express admiration for the ideas I've been sharing through my blog site, ask for a copy of my band's songs, or ask permission to use some of my works as a reference for their own. And this flatters and humbles me at the same time.

I don't take pride in being regarded by others as a person with brilliant ideas; all I know is that I'm an eLf who just wants to make a difference.

I want to share a series of e-mail messages written me by a student of University of Sto. Tomas, in the City of Manila, Metro Manila, Luzon, Philippines. Her remarks make me realize once again that everyone has an important role to play in this interconnected world of ours.

Mon, 11 Jul 2005


I'm Kris Ian Carlos. I live in the Philippines, currently taking up Fine Arts at UST. I'm a big fan of mermaids; I'm currently making my thesis, which is a book of illustrations of mermaids.

I'm just wondering where you did get your research about your book Engkanto, the one with mermaids in it.

Please help me.

Thank you.

Thu, 14 Jul 2005


I would be very happy and grateful if I could get in touch with you. This would really be a big help for me.
I must admit, I was surprised that you replied. I wasn't really expecting it. Thank you.

I became a fan of mermaids ever since I saw the Disney version of Little Mermaid; I was 3. Lagi akong nagdo-drawing ng mermaids since bata pa 'ko. Nu'ng bandang highschool lang talaga 'ko nag-start mag-research tungkol sa mga mermaid; usually, mga galing sa ibang bansa 'yung nakikita ko.

I was planning to do a compilation of different kinds of mermaids and other water spirits around the world, and illustrate them for my thesis. My adviser suggested that I concentrate more on our local sirena. My first reaction to his suggestion was, "Uh-oh!" Mahirap kasing maghanap ng information tungkol sa sirena; laging foreign mermaids 'yung nahahanap ko. Kaya nagulat ako nang makita ko 'yung site mo! Sobrang natuwa ako noon, sobrang saya talaga.

I'm a big fan of Fantasy. Mahilig ako kay Brian Froud; basta kahit anong tungkol sa mermaids at fairies. Mahilig din ako sa goblins, brownies... Mahilig ako sa children's books. Mahilig akong magbasa. Mahilig din ako kay Tolkien... Pero ang pinakagusto ko talaga ay mermaids!

For my illustration, I'm planning to use paper clay as my medium. I'll try to send to you some of my sample works soon.

And yes, I would very much like to use your book as a reference if you would permit me.

My cell number is 0918_______; my landline is 942____.

I'm hoping to keep in touch with you soon.

Fri, 15 Jul 2005

hello po ulet,

Wow, you're also a fan of Brian Froud and The Alchemist! Nabasa ko na rin 'yan; ang galing talaga.

Napanood ko rin 'yung Dark Crystal at 'yung Labyrinth nu'ng bata pa 'ko. Ang galing talaga. Alam mo ba 'yung storyteller na segment dati sa The Muppet Show? Ang ganda rin nu'n!

I check again your site. Tumutugtog ka pala dati sa Mayric's! Astig! I've been listening to Rock music since I was a kid! I'm a big fan of NU 107! Mahilig ako mostly sa Grunge at Alternative...Nirvana, silverchair, Soundgarden, The Smashing Pumpkins, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam...Mga ganu'ng tugtugan.

Ahm...paper clay, as in clay talaga 'to, pero binabasa para mai-mold mo. Kase 3D 'yung gagawin ko, para kakaiba naman, di ba?

Magpapadala po talaga kayo ng copy ng book n'yo? Nakakahiya naman po.

Grabe, hindi talaga ko makapaniwala.

Ang address ko po ay 31 Rosas St....

Thank you po talaga.


Mon, 18 Jul 2005


Yes, you may post them on your site.

I'd like to ask you some pieces of information about your book. I need to pass them to my professor.

the size of your book
the number of pages
type of paper you used
how much you are willing to sell your book, or the price of your book
your target market

Is your book for kids, for teens, or for a much older audience?

My professor told me that your market could be either teens or people above 18, but i want your personal opinion because you're the one who made the book

Thank you very much, salamat,salamat, salamat.


Mon, 18 Jul 2005

Here are samples of my artwork...

The clay-based figures above are original masterpieces by Kris Ian Carlos, a Fine Arts student at University of Sto. Tomas University, City of Manila, Metro Manila, Luzon, Philippines.


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