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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Sentiments of an eLf (1)

I just thought of compiling some of the most fanciful ideas that came out of my mind during moments when I was in deep contemplation. I extracted the following sentences from various letters, essays, and simple rants that I wrote.

1. Actions speak louder than words; but sad to say, unsavory words uttered with malice explode more violently than bombs...with the heart serving as the ground zero.

2. Being independent and strong is a survivor's trait; but we have to admit that sometimes (in fact, most of the times) we need others.

3. By listening to music and reading a book every day, I remain in touch with the bard in me.

4. Even stupid and dumb people are not too clueless to unnotice hidden resentments and envy.

5. I don't actually believe in the verses fortune cookies tell but, like almost everyone, I am thrilled to read them because they give me a sense of hope and feelings of great expectations.

6. If you know someone who says s/he was or is or can be an island, don't believe the person; s/he's certainly lying and secretly wallowing in the worst solitude.

7. I'm not dumb and numb not to feel and read through people's thoughts and actions.

8. In the end, each of us becomes either the master or the servant of one's own follies.

9. Life is always a struggle, with less ups and more downs; but we need to keep moving forward nonetheless.

10. Listening to music is plucking golden leafs from the lush tree of one's childhood, picking fruits that have long been ripe.

11. No amount of shallow words of assurance could cover a person's ill feelings towards another.

12. Nothing could be more exciting and heartwarming than to expect a letter in a real mailbox, look at the name of the sender, carefully open the envelope, and finally read the letter over and over again there in the comforts of your own nest.

13. People who mock and disrespect the cultures of others (worse, of their own race!) are the worst bane of civilization and humanity itself.

14. Postal letters are like books as e-mails are like e-publications or any other Internet-based articles, in which with the former there is a sense of ownership and privacy in sifting leisurely each page, there in the comfort of one's room.

15. We must be the ones to steer our own lives, lest it will be the one to control us.

16. We simply cannot—and should not—make it on our own all of the time. This is detrimental to our moral and spiritual growth, for too much independence and self-reliance dilutes a person's sense of compassion and consideration.

17. What's there to forgive when no one's admitting wickedness nor asking forgiveness?

18. Would you rather be strong and inconsiderate, pretending you can make it on your own, than be weak and compassionate and always expressive of your need for friends?


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