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Monday, February 17, 2014

Mahilig Ka Ba sa Likhang Sining? (part 2)

(On Some Contemporary Artists/Painters)
 by aLfie vera mella 

When asked about painters, many people automatically cite the likes of Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Picasso, and Monet. They rarely acknowledge contemporary artists and their equally respectable and distinctive works. Being an enthusiast of art, I occasionally check out works by contemporary artists by attending art exhibits or, at the least, searching the Internet for images of new artworks by contemporary artists.

Dan May and some of his art works
Here are two contemporary American artists whom I discovered only recently: Dan May, who is originally from New York; and Jason Limon, from Texas. Both artists specialize in Fantasy Art. Much of their works have been described as examples of the contemporary art style dubbed as ‘suggestivism’ – “an art concerned with a vision of the ideal” and a “style of poetic mysticism and psychological intensity.” 

May’s works include Moon Walk, The Night Watch, Stay Off the Grass, Sting of the Season, Totem, and Portrait of a Gentle Man. I regard his furry creatures as improved and more-detailed versions of the monsters of Maurice Sendak (Where the Wild Things Are, 1963). 

Jason Limon and some of his art works
Works by Limon include Foliage, Fragment no. 58, Mr. Winter, Red Spiraled Panda, Transfigured Bloodline, and Wakening. The style of many of May's and Limon's works hark to the surrealist style of the German painter Max Ernst (1891–1976) and the Spanish artist Salvador Dalí (1904–1989). Ernst’s popular works include The Fireside Angel (1937) and ‘Ubu Imperator’ (1923); Dalí’s are Apparatus and Hand (1927) and The Persistence of Memory (1931).

In 2010 May and Limon collaborated with each other and came up with a painting entitled In the Still of Uncertain Streams.
The works of May and Limon hark to the surrealist style of the painters Max Ernst (The Fireside Angel and 'Ubu Imperator') and Salvador Dalí (Apparatus and Hand and The Persistence of Memory)
Sa Madaling Salita
Bawat panahon ay kakikitaan ng mga henyo sa iba’t ibang larangan ng sining. Tulungan nating mapalaganap at makilala ang likhang sining ng hindi lamang mga lumang pintor kundi pati na rin ng mga baguhan at makabagong manlilikha.

Or, in Simple Words
Every era has its share of great works of arts. Everything old used to be new. And, everything new will be old someday. Don’t wait for time to pass by before you appreciate certain works of arts. The more you appreciate new works of art, the more you contribute to the proliferation of such legacies in this world.


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