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Thursday, January 23, 2014

The First 12 Albums that I Ever Bought

I first saw the music video of "In Between Days" in 1986, a year after the album containing it, 'The Head on the Door,' was released. The album was one of the first albums in cassette tape format that I ever bought with money saved from my school allowance.

Here are the first 12 albums (in cassette tapes) that I bought in 1986.

1) 'No Sense of Sin' (1984) by The Lotus Eaters 
2) 'Crush' (1985) by O.M.D.
3) 'Working with Fire and Steel' (1983) by China Crisis
4) 'Throw the Warped Wheel Out' (1984) by Fiction Factory
5) 'The Church' (1981) by The Church
6) 'The Head on the Door' (1985) by The Cure
7) 'How to Be a...Zillionaire' (1985) by ABC
8) 'Hunting High and Low' (1985) by a-ha
9) 'Love Not Money' (1985) by Everything but the Girl
10) 'Songs from the Big Chair' (1985) by Tears for Fears
11) Parade (1984) by Spandau Ballet
12) Some Great Reward (1984) by Depeche Mode

I never stopped listening to all these albums, to all these bands, and to New Wave music itself--so there is no reason to return to New Wave for me, simply because I never turned my back on it. They will always be a part of the soundtrack of my early teenage years. New Wave will always be with me. Forever and ever...New Wave.


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