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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Spring is peeking

March 3, 2010 (Wednesday)

Yeah, a long time has passed since my last blog entry on this blogspot of mine. Why? Not that I became tired of writing but because--as I already said a number of times in a previous entry--I got busy with other activities--including my job at the hospital, my task as a newspaper editor, performance and recording sessions with my band, and spending time with my family especially my firstborn Evawwen, who will turn 13 months tomorrow. Time flies? You can say that, but for me, time does not fly after all. Because I'm now at the stage of my life when I try to cherish every single moment. I'm 39. If I'm going to live until at least 80, this means that I'm nearly half my life already. And I try to live my remaining half to the fullest, just like how I lived the first half of it.

Another Winter has passed. A cold winter, but less cold than the previous ones. I survived. We survived. The sun is more glorious these days. The sky is majestic. This is the reason I'm writing new songs with my band which I want people to describe as majestic. After so many years of living a colorful life, there's nowhere to go to but to a better direction. I would not settle for anything less than majestic.

"Today, I won't think of any sad thing...."--James, "What For"


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