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Monday, July 10, 2006

Who will take care of me when I'm old like Grandfather?

July 10, 2006

Today is the third day since Grandfather said goodbye for good. At the moment, we are waiting for the arrival of the rest of the participants for the daily prayer for him (third night). I enjoy events like this because family and close friends gather for a solemn cause. Along with it also comes the catching up about one another's lives.

No calls from the nursing homes to which I applied as a healthcare aide. This after lunch, I went to Health Sciences Centre and filled out an application form for Coding Technologist. With the looks of the requirements, I feel that I would be having a hard time getting considered for the job; but I applied anyway.

Tomorrow, I will start applying in other fields, to bridge the gap and give me less wasted time spent not working.

A few minutes ago, an auntie called to assign to me a task for Friday--Grandfather's viewing night at a funeral home--I'd be giving a short tribute speech. I already have a theme: "Who would take care of me when I'm old like Grandfather?"

I plan to recall happy moments with Grandfather, his best qualities as a grandfather and as a person. But most of all, the great lessons I've learned from him, from my having to stay with him during his last days.

This great lesson is

To not worry about who will take care of me when I'm old like Grandfather,
I should always be kind and considerate to my loved ones;
I should keep an open line of communication with my family (future children and grandchildren);
I should be generous with relatives and friends--not necessarily monetarily or materially, but generous with my kind words of hope and encouragement and of good and sincere wishes

Because when I'm old and already helpless, what would count most to others is how they remember me when I was still young and strong. And if they think of me as a kind person, they will surely be generous also of their affection and concern for me.

Papa, thanks for everything! I will never forget you and the countless stories we shared with each other.


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