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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


June 28, 2006

- I'm still job hunting, waiting for calls from the nursing homes to which I submitted application forms and resumes.

- PC/Internet use is very limited for almost two weeks now. And this is frustrating me very much. My only best link to my loved ones and friends has been cut indefinitely. We transferred house, and there's no Internet yet at the new house. We just happened to sleep over the old house for this night, thus I was able to use the Internet.

- Grandfather is still at the hospital. He's been transferred to a private solo room, which is especially reserved for palliative-case patients. It's hard to be the one staying the whole day with him, waiting for the inevitable to happen. But I'm quite ready.

- The single I'm finishing with Emong Payaso is still ongoing. But we're nearly there. The results are great!

- This is it for now.


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