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Monday, April 10, 2006

A writer is like a lover

A month ago, I decided to divide into several parts the Engkanto book I have written, with the intent of having it published serially in The Filipino Journal. Three weeks went by without any response from the editor. Admittedly I was disappointed. Of course, whose child of the pen would not feel hurt by a rejection from a publisher.

I surmise that a writer's worst secret fear is the fear of rejection from an editor or a readership. Therefore, a writer is like a Greek god, whose worst fear more than the lost of immortality is to be scorned by a mortal of his lust and affection.

An article borne out of a writer's restless imagination may be regarded as an Athena of his mind—spurn this and you reject his beloved goddess.

But, having been an editor for many years, I never lost the courage and understanding. Not that I was sourgraping, but I supposed the editor felt that my theme was too heavy for a newspaper. And I know very well that an editor has all the right to reject an article, regardless how brilliant the article may be in the mind of its author.

"To publish or not to publish"—this verdict rests in the eyes of the editor who has her own taste and standards to satisfy. And for now, I am just a writer.

Phileas Fogg
Challenged and undaunted, I decided instead to write another "lighter" article—entitled "Taga-saan Ka Ba?"—to follow up my last published piece, "Marunong Ka Bang Mag-Filipino?"

And then...

and then...

While I was proofreading the said new article a few nights ago, an e-mail alert popped up on the PC screen: "You've got mail from The Filipino Journal..."

I was half anxious andf half anxious.

You can now imagine how I felt after reading the message.

5 Apr 2006

Hi Alfie,

I haven’t forgotten you. It’s just been too hectic. I plan to serialize the Engkanto – close to the date of the Philippine Heritage Week celebration (featuring Philippine Independence and culture) – May, June.

' will touch base with you later.

Mrs. C.

A writer's greatest reward is to be published. He is, therefore, like a lover, whose utmost bliss is for his feelings to be reciprocated by the person of his affection.

In respect to The Filipino Journal, and so as not to preempt the newspaper's contents, I will post the articles only when they've actually been published.


  • At Sunday, April 16, 2006 6:56:00 PM, Blogger leidivine said…

    you do me proud, dear friend.
    i am currently "writing" full-time for an IT company, and teaching (full-time as well), kaya medyo walang time umupo sa harap ng computer at "magbahagi" ng saloobin.
    But i am sure you know that i'm always inspired by the things you write.


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