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Monday, April 03, 2006

We're only immortals for a limited time...

April 3, 2006

Most of the times, when we tend to give more than we'd like to receive, we end up receiving so much more after all. And when I say "receiving so much more," I'm not pertaining to material things, but rather, to well-wishes and heartwarming words of appreciation—all of which are potent sources of inspiration—sparks which inspire us to improve our personalities and to do better and to indulge deeper in whatever passions we have.

As for me, I just write and write. Aside from having the chance to express and share my ideas, I believe that my written words continue to inspire others whose words of appreciation inspire me as well—people who are my friends, people who become my friends, or even people who remain unknown to me but whose spirits somehow connect with mine through a seeming invisible aura of commonality.

I'd like to share an e-mail from someone whom I don't personally know but whose passion for music caused our paths to cross even only through the virtual world of the Internet.

An e-mail from Paolo Gil:


Thanks so much. I got the MP3s last night. I didn't know where to start. And good thing you put all those Sugar Hiccup songs in there too. I was desperate in having those songs. I've been reading your blog too. It's great! All the articles there are very informative.

By the way, I'm sure you know this. For the longest time, I've been trying to figure out what the title of this song is and the artist. Here goes the chorus of the song:

"We are young wandering the face of the earth
Wondering what our dreams may be worth
Learning that we're only immortals for a limited time...."

One last thing, you're a true blue poet, and me, pretending to be one. I've got dozens of my brain's thoughts written down on paper; I haven't even created a blog for it. Someday I want to share these with people like us who appreciate poetry. How I miss the verve room. Anyways, if it's not too much to ask, I'd like to share one of my creations to you and maybe if it fits the
eLf ideas, it would be nice that other people might read it too.

"In the world of ink and paper, I become myself. I make peace out of the worries of the world in my own world, a world where you can be free. This is my little paradise."

Here now I'm sharing with all of you a poem Paolo wrote:

The Conundrum of the Mind

An amalgamation of colors and themes
Of noises and hymns
Barricaded with myths
A conundrum one might think

It beckons to retreat as voices speak
As whispers meander to a scream
A raucous reverberation so it seems
I reckon, to thee one must heed

For every twist, an offending turn
Tormented and appalled by this instant
Pestered at myriads of frenzied portraits
Hampered by these visions of mourn

It comes and goes in epic proportions
Elements of pushing, elements of pulling
In this skirmish the winner is the loser
Losers of a thousand battles victorious in this war

In places far too deep, crawl out of the bleak
To your perpetual radiance for you I have weeped
Care for me as I wake for the imminent certainty
The choice is up to thee if thy want to be free
Linger far too deep or crawl out of the bleak

The song in question was "Dreamline" by the Canadian band Rush, from their fourteenth studio album, Roll the Bones (1991). DOWNLOAD the song here.

I end this blog article with the following words taken from a letter I sent a few years ago to a friend of mine who wanted to be a writer.

As long as you have stories to tell, you can be a writer; as long as you have feelings to express, you can ba a poet.


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